European films

On this page you will find films with a typical European touch. Made in Europe, for example Spanish, French, German or Dutch films, etc. The European films on New Faith Network are always personally checked by the editors so that you can enjoy carefree.

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Popular european films


1.Coming Home


15-year-old Ida lives in the city with her mother. She loves her life: she's part of the popular kids in school, she lives to go shopping with her best friend Karoline, and she is a fashion blogger. Untill one day, her mother tells her they're moving. And they're not moving to New York or London, they're moving to an abandoned farm in Northern Norway. Angry at her parents for taking her away from her friends, she hates her new life in the country side. And things take a turn for the worse when her mother forces her to get to know the locals. In her eyes, they're all filthy, without a sence for fashion, and always busy with their horses, something she just can't understand. Ida only sees one way out: to run away. But her life takes a surprising turn when ze meets a horse called Kehilan.


2.Celtic Pilgrimage


Travel along through Ireland, Scotland and England and discover the rich faith of six Celtic saints. On this journey through Ireland, Scotland and England you will discover how Celtic nations received the gospel of Christ during the Dark Ages, and how Christianity was resurrected in Europe. In this documentary, producer Rebecca Friedlander takes you along on the journey of these saints through Iona, Lindisfarne, Bangor and more. She'll discover important life lessons, meet modern-day believers, artists and leaders of these Celtic nations, which are all unique warriors for Christ.


3.Anna's stille strijd


When Tom Linszen, a young deaf filmmaker is in search of the faith of deaf Jewish people during the war, he comes across Anna. A deaf Jewish woman that survived the horrors of Auschwitz. He contacts documentary maker Willy Lindwer and together they make this film about this moving story. In this documentary, Anna tells Tom how she survived. Because if the Nazi's would have know she was deaf when she arrived, they would have immediately gassed her. The film tells Anna's history, how she grew up as a deaf Jewish girl before the war and how she experienced and processed the events prior to and during World War II. Anna's family was located in Antwerp and was deported to Auschwitz from Mechelen. An important part of this story is communication, and the lack of it.


4.Vader met Vier Kinderen: Op Vakantie

The family has left for a vacation in sunny Gran Canaria, to enjoy a week of peace, quiet, relaxation, and family life. The children and Uncle Anders want to participate in the hotel's contest to become 'The Sunny Family of The Year'. But Father says no, emphasizing: 'We are good enough as we are!' However, he changes his mind when he meets the competing family and recognizes the father as his school bully.

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