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Are you like us, completely captivated by the Amish culture? Just enjoying the simple life. The Amish are self-sufficient in food and daily necessities. Close family life and loyalty to the faith community are also important. New Faith Network offers wonderful movies and series related to the Amish and their culture. Watch popular Amish movies like Amish Grace, From the Heart & Plus One at an Amish Wedding now on New Faith Network. At New Faith Network, only the best Christian-friendly movies and series are handpicked to stream on the platform. In addition, everything is checked by the editors so that you can enjoy the content on New Faith Network, worry-free.

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Popular Amish films


1.An Uncommon Grace


After military service, army nurse Grace Conner returns to her grandmother's farm in the Amish country of Ohio. She hopes that the farmlife gives her a change to recover from the ravages of war in Afghanistan. Once there, she responds to the call from neighbor Levi who needs medical help following a mysterious shooting killing his stepfather and wounding his pregnant mother. Levi, belonging to one of the most conservative Amish communities, falls in love with Grace, although he knows that a relationship between them is strictly forbidden. Meanwhile, Grace goes looking for the instigator of the shooting and that is not without danger. It seems that Levi has to choose between his love for Grace and his responsibility to his family.


2.Love Finds You in Charm


Emma Miller is an Amish woman who seems to be the most blessed woman in Indiana. She is a teacher, she enjoys the attention of an amazing man and also has a loving family. But she still wants more; she longs for adventure and wants to see the world. Emma takes her chance after her cousin invites her to stay with them during summerbreak, in Charm, Ohio. Once she's in Charm, far away from all that is known to Emma, she meets a man from outside the community, and despite their differences the two become close friends. But Emma is uncomfortable being in between two worlds. She needs to make a decision about which way to go, with all the consequences that will follow.


3.Love Finds You in Sugarcreek


The tireless police officer Rachel Troyler lives in Ohio's Amish county. RAchel is concerned about the health of her Amish aunts, and so she convinces the three older aunts to retire at Sugar House Inn, an inn that they have run for decades now. But when out-of-towner Joe appears on the doormat of the inn, the aunts invite him to stay. Joe becomes the new handyman at Sugar House Inn, and while he's a charmer, he doesn't talk much about his past. Because of this, Rachel does not trust him and so she begins to investigate. But what she discovers is even more shocking than she ever expected!


4.Plus One at an Amish Wedding


April has the perfect life: she works at a prestigious hospital in New York City, and has recently met Jesse, a handsome vet who she knows is 'the one'. They're a perfect match, and their relationship is amazing, except for one thing: Jesse never shares anything about his family. Jesse decides to surprise his girlfriend with a romantic trip to Paris. However, these plans quickly change when Jesse gets an invitation to his brother's wedding. April is excited to finally meet his family. But what she doesn't know is that Jesse's family is Amish and not very fond of strangers. Eventually, they both must travel to the Amish community and introduce themselves to the people Jesse left behind many years ago.


5.Amish Grace


What looks like an ordinary day in October 2006 for the Amish community Nickel Mines, turns into a nightmare when Charlie Robert decides to open fire at the local Amish school, because he is angry with God. His deed kills 5 children, wounding 5 more. The shooter kills himself after the incident. When journalists gather at the community and express their anger towards this act of terror, the Amish community itself is more busy with finding forgiveness. Soon, focus of the media shifts from criticizing the shooter to criticizing the community for their unconditional forgiveness towards the shooter and the way they are reaching out to his widow to show support. One of the mothers, Ida Graber, who lost her daughter in the shooting is also having trouble finding forgiveness as she struggles with grief. But when she finds out what her daughter asked God just moments before the end, her vision on this might change after all. A gripping film based on a true story.


6.The Confession


In this sequel to the Shunning we continue on Katie Lapp's journey as she takes on the unfamiliar outside world, which is so different from the Amish community she grew up in. She is desperate to track down her birth mother, a wealthy and generous woman named Laura Mayfield-Bennett who is sadly dying of cancer. However, the challenges of the Amish community stand in her way, along with a man who has other plans with the legacy of her biological mother.


7.The Reckoning


Katie Mayfield, formerly known as Katie Lapp, is now the mistress of Mayfield Manor, the estate that her biological mother passed down to her after passing away. In this new world, at least for former Amish Katie, she finds comfort in honoring her mother's memory and being in love with Justin Wirth, the director of her foundation. But Katie finds herself torn between the two worlds and grieves for her simple Amish life, a life in which she is banned from her family. But what Katie doesn't know, is that Daniel Fisher, her lost love, is desperately trying to find Katie. Will Katie choose her new life or will she return to the simple heritage she left behind. This is her great reckoning.


8.The Shunning


Katie Lapp is a young woman and part of an Amish community. She's engaged to the loal bishop, John Beiler, but has doubts whether the strict life that awaits her is the right life for her. She already secretly goes against the rules sometimes, for instane by listening to rockmusic. But when she finds out her parents are hiding a big secret from her, she goes even further against the rules leading up to a big conflict with her father. This eventually leads to the church announcing a 'shunning' against Katie, meaning that nobody is allowed to get involved with her until she realizes her own mistakes and repents. However, her parents can no longer hide their big secret and tell her she was illegally adopted. Her then 16-year-old mother was unable to take care of her and met her parents in the hospital after they just lost their newborn. But now, her biological mother is dying of cancer and has been trying to get in contact with Katie through her parents several times. Eventually, her parents allow her to get on the bus to New York and meet her birth mother.


9.Holyman Undercover


The Amish gentleman Roy Weichbrodt leaves his tight knit community to do missionary work. He ends up in Hollywood (Los Angeles), of all places. Instead of doing what Roy initially planned he gets cast in a television series as Satan... As he finds fame and fortune, he also meets the woman of his dreams. But he comes to realise that his new life isn't what it seems. An entertaining, faith-based, comedy with a thoughtful message.


10.From the Heart


Kathy Yoder is a former Amish girl that left the community ten years ago for a life with more than creating butter in a traditional manner. Now she is a successful writer of travel guides in New York and even has a boyfriend, Jack. When her father passes away, she's forced to return to the community and deal with her dad's affairs. Here she's confronted with her past life, and the people in it, like her sister, but also her secret love Isaac. She finds out he's now a widow with a daughter, and has a secret love for writing poetry, something not necessarily accepted by the community. When she decides to secretly show his poetry to her publishers, Isaac feels betrayed. Kathy has some tough decisions to make: will she return to her new life in New York, having chances for making an international travel show on TV, or will she seek reconcilliation with her sister and follow her heart to Isaac?


11.The Amish and The Reformation


Amish are hugely popular among Christians in the Netherlands. Books and films such as: The Shunning, Love's finds you in Charm and An uncommon grace are widely read and viewed. This documentary tells who the Amish really are and where they come from. Presenter Joseph Graber, who himself was a member of the Amish Church for years, finds out what his family history is and discovers that it goes back to the reformation in Europe. For example, the Amish still use the version of the Bible translated by Martin Luther into German today. Enjoy a unique glimpse into the life and beliefs of the Amish community. A must-see for all Amish movie lovers!

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