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The Way Home


Randy Simpkins owns a farm and makes enough money with it to support his family, but it also means he's always busy. His wife, Christal, says he doesn't give enough attention to their three young boys because of it. One day, their two-year-old boy Joe suddenly disappears, and Randy is painfully faced with the facts. Thankfully, the entire community decides to help them find Joe. Including Ed Walker and his son. Ed lost his own brother years ago, a brother also called Joe. An tragic event with which he still hasn't come to peace with. Even though his health seems to be failing him, Ed is determined to locate little Joe. It's almost like an invicible hand is guiding him.

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Movie details
Drama, Family
Pierce Gagnon, Dean Cain, Sonny Shroyer, Lori Beth Edgeman, Tom Nowicki, Brett Rice
Lance W. Dreesen
Release date
90 min
Verenigde Staten
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This film will have you grabbing the tissue box.

The Way Home

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