Films based on true stories

People experience things every day, and sometimes those things are so interesting or exciting that it's made into a movie. There are a lot of movies and series that are based on a true story. Often these movies are extra exciting or interesting because someone has actually experienced this. In some cases this can be fun, but also sad. Either way, the story will inspire you. At New Faith Network, only the best Christian-friendly movies and series have been selected to stream on the platform. In addition, everything is checked by our editors so that you van enjoy hours of content on NFN carefree!
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Popular Films based on true stories


1.I Am Potential


I Am Potential is a story based on the true story of Patrick Henry Hughes. A boy born without eyes and with underdeveloped joints, preventing him from every being able to walk. But he also has one big dream: to be a part of a real marching band. While his family puts all their own needs aside to help Patrick reach his dream - his father working extra hours to cover the medical bills for instance and even selling his car to stay afloat - Patrick is fighting against all odds to learn to play the piano, the trumpet, and even learn to sing. Will his big dream become a reality?




De ambitieuze, wereldse atheïst Sabina transformeert tijdens de Tweede Wereldoorlog tot een van de grootste christelijke vrouwen van de 20e eeuw. Ze was een christen met een joodse achtergrond die haar leven riskeert om haar vijanden te helpen. Een waargebeurd verhaal over Bijbelse liefde en vergeving dat miljoenen mensen over de hele wereld heeft geïnspireerd.


3.Amish Grace


What looks like an ordinary day in October 2006 for the Amish community Nickel Mines, turns into a nightmare when Charlie Robert decides to open fire at the local Amish school, because he is angry with God. His deed kills 5 children, wounding 5 more. The shooter kills himself after the incident. When journalists gather at the community and express their anger towards this act of terror, the Amish community itself is more busy with finding forgiveness. Soon, focus of the media shifts from criticizing the shooter to criticizing the community for their unconditional forgiveness towards the shooter and the way they are reaching out to his widow to show support. One of the mothers, Ida Graber, who lost her daughter in the shooting is also having trouble finding forgiveness as she struggles with grief. But when she finds out what her daughter asked God just moments before the end, her vision on this might change after all. A gripping film based on a true story.


4.Behind the Movement


On December 1st 1955, in Montgomery Alabama, Rosa Parks made history on a public bus by defying the racial segregation laws. Her bravery initiated the Montgomery Bus Boycott organised by Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. The movement brought together a number of everyday individuals who showed extraordinary courage by taking a stand for their civil rights and call for equality. This films tells an inspiring and poignant story, based on historical events, that shows the power of faith, courage and community.


5.The Hiding Place


The Hiding Place is a historical film that depicts the harrowing story of Corrie ten Boom. During the Second World War the evangelist and her sister worked for the resistance from their father's watchmaker shop. But they were betrayed, arrested and taken away to a concentration camp. In captivity their only means of survival was holding on to their faith.


6.Until Forever


It's love at first sight for Michael and Michelle. Their relationship is held together by laughter, love and faith. But when Michael is diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia their bonds are tested. The film is based on the true story of Michael Boyum, who married his high school sweetheart Michelle Larson six weeks before he died. Until Forever is an honest, sweet and deeply moving film. "Until Forever is a film about the strength of love in the midst of fear, the endurance of hope in the midst of loss, and the reality of faith in the midst of doubt." - The Dove Foundation


7.De Tien van Renesse


The "Tien van Renesse" is a documentary telling the story about ten men, hung by the Germans in December of 1944, after they deliberately make registers disappear and conspire with the enemy. Together with surviving relatives, this documentary takes a look on these atrocities and how it changed their lives forever. It shows how an escape attempt of 17 men from the resistance completely fails, of which only seven get away and the other ten get caught. Town Clerk C. Lazonder has to watch hopelessly as his ten friends are hanged, after which the same faith awaits himself. The Germans leave the bodies hanging for 24 hours in order to scare the people, relatives don't get the chance to say goodbye or even bury the bodies as they're being thrown into mass graves, and their homes are cleared or burned to the ground.




This film is based on the true marriage story of ultra-marathonrunner David and his wife Nancy. After years of competitive running, David and his family pay a high price. Open-heart surgery and damaged knees cause Nancy to be ready for David to put away his running shows forever and focus on his family again. But David isn't ready for that just yet. He feels that he's being 'called by God' to inspire people one more time and run one last run. One that is only a mere 2,900 miles long, straight through America from California to New York. Where David felt like he was being guided by God, he starts to question this during this journey because of the many obstacles he has to overcome. Will Davd, and his marriage, make it?




She was young, full of life and only 17 when it happened. A dive in undeep water broke her neck and paralysed her. Joni Eareckson had to endure physical, emotional and mental battles. But Joni is an up in a world of downs. Joni Eareckson takes on her own lead role with impressive skill. Her honest acting style makes it seem as though we are right there when it's happening. Joni is an unforgettable true story that has inspired millions.


10.Nothing Wasted


The incredible, real-life story of Bruce Roberts, a man who lost his parents at the age of eight in a tragic crime. His story is one of pain and brokenness that transformed into a story of redemption and hope when Bruce came into contact with the truth of the gospel.




Inspired by true life events, Rescued is a faith-based story that carefully gathers and meshes the lives of two brothers, bridged together by the incredible force of love, forming the story of inner struggle and faith.


12.Return to the Hiding Place


During the Second World War, in Holland, Corrie ten Boom drafted a secret resistance army of untrained university students who navigated a deadly labyrinth of hijackings, rescue missions, and underground networks in order to save and transport over 880 Jewish people in their panicked exodus from death. This thrilling, true tale of young people daring to resist one of history’s cruelest tyrants attests that a brave, faithful few can change the tide of history.


13.Take Two


Clay Bauer is a Los Angeles filmmaker who has hit rock bottom. He has flashbacks of the various questionable life choices he made that brought him to this point. One of the memories features the moment Clay discovers he has a daughter, who is being raised in a very unstable and dangerous environment. In order to rebuild his life Clay attends support group meetings and subsequently befriends a religious man named Roy. Roy helps Clay by giving him sage advice and find his faith in God. The heart-wrenching film is based on a true story that underscores the importance of faith during rehabilitation. Please note: viewer discretion is advised due to some graphic content.


14.I Can Only Imagine


This christian film, based on true events, follows the life of Bart Millard. Growing up in a turbulent household with an alcoholic father, young Bart tries to find his escape in music. Supported by his mother and grandmother, his father doesn't want anything to know about these dreams of his. When after a football injury, Bart enters his high school's Glee-club, he discovers a surprising gift. Leaving his home behind to go on an adventure filled with music, he thinks he's also leaving his troubles from the past behind. But even after all these years and all these miles away from home, Bart is still tormented by the pain and rejection from his youth. A visit back home forces him to face his father and all painful memories they share. When is father eventually dies from cancer, he writes the megahit "I Can Only Imagine".


15.Lonesome Dove Church

John Shepherd is an itinerant preacher with dreams of building his own church. When his estranged son Isaac is accused of robbery and murder, John puts his faith and future on the line by coming to Isaac's defense, facing off against a cold- blooded killer in a guns-blazing stand for redemption.


16.God, Get us to Romania

Based on a true story. In 1991 a preacher, his wife, and six children, flew from Washington State to Portugal, and then by trains to Romania. This resulted in one comical calamity after another. But when they crossed into Eastern Europe, it became like a tense roller coaster ride. And at the border of Romania there is an unexpected ending.

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