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You can watch the best films for children on our platform New Faith Network! Do you feel like watching a movie with one of your siblings? Or perhaps with one or more of your friends? Look no further, the movies on NFN suitable for children are exciting, informative and very fun to watch. In addition, all our films and series are checked by the editors to ensure that they are child- and Christian-friendly. This way, you know that you can enjoy the best titles carefree!

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Popular Christian movies for kids


1.Bob de Bouwer - Megamachines


Scoop, Much and Liftie are all set to help Bob the Builder with his biggest job ever: building a dam and turn an old quarry into a water reservoir for Spring town. Bob asks another builder, Conrad, to help with his Mega Machines with clearing out the quarry. Conrad is secretly jalous that Bob has gotten the contract of building the dam. He wants to tarnish Bob's reputation, so he decided to sabotage the dam. Bob quickly notices something isn't right... and now he and his team will have to do everything they can to save Spring town!


2.De Christenreis


This animation film is the next success of the eponymous masterwork of John Bunyan. A man named Pilgrim discovers a book, the more he reads it, the more he is convinced of sin and judgement day and a burden starts to weigh on him. Obessed with discovering the truth and escaping his birthtown, the town of destruction, he dares to go beyond the forbidden borders and starts his journey to find a celestial city that is ruled by a good an noble king. On his way he meets friends, but also enemies.


3.Het Verhaal van Jezus Voor Kinderen


It is the year 30 and Benjamin, Caleb, Sarah, Leah and Nathan all live in Jerusalem. Some believe in Jesus, some do not. But they all listen to His stories and see how He treats people and especially children. He heals people and even raises the dead! But then He is betrayed, imprisoned, condemned and crucified. Fortunately, the children remember that Jesus promised that He would rise from the dead and live forever. A wonderful film to watch with your children around Easter.


4.Space dogs


Space Dogs is based on the true story of Belka and Strelka, two dogs that were sent into space by the Soviet Union in the 1960s. In this cheerful film we see how circus dog Belka accidentally ends up in the streets of Moscow during a failed act with her stunt missile. There she meets the stray dog Strelka, who, together with her inseparable rat friend Venya, quickly shows her around the neighborhood. But it is not long before the three are plucked from the street to participate in the training program for a space mission. Before they are fully aware of what is going on, they are shot into space! What follows is a crazy and hilarious adventure in space. Will they succeed in returning safely to Earth?


5.The Lost Medallion


The lost medallion is a Christian fantasy film for the whole family. A must for those who love the Narnia films and books. The archaeologist Dr. Michael Stone has spent his entire life searching for the lost medallion. Now his son Billy has continued the search. The medallion wonderfully ends up in Billy's hands and when he spontaneously makes a wish, he and his girlfriend Allie end up 200 years back in time on the island of Aumakua. They come into contact with Cobra, who wants nothing more than to disappear. With no other way to return home and the well-being of the entire island resting on his shoulders, Billy has to discover the working of the medallion and his immense power.




We meet Maaike, a ten-year-old girl, who is a frequent visitor of the local sweet shop. Her friendship with the owner Eef comes to a head when Eef makes an inconceivable choice. A film about intergenerational friendship. Please note: this film is spoken in Dutch. The English subtitles can be activated in the bottom right corner of the media player. Watch the behind-the-scenes feature [Innocence Interview](/video/1-0-innocence-interview-innocence-interview) now.


7.Solan en Ludwig: De Grote Kaasrace


Ken je de opschepperige eend Solan, de verlegen egel Ludwig en de vriendelijke uitvinder Reodor al? Samen moeten ze aan de slag om de inwoners van een naburig dorp te verslaan in de grote kaasrace. Daarbij zijn alle middelen toegestaan. Met de overmoedige Solan aan het roer, staat er veel meer op het spel dan enkel een bol kaas. Het wordt een gevaarlijke race over ravijnen en bevroren meren en door bossen vol hongerige beesten.


8.The Ten Commandments


The Ten Commandments' tells the wonderful story of Moses. After seeing a burning bush and learning about God's plan to free the Israelites, Moses becomes God's instrument on earth, a man appointed to change history and bring the Law of God to humanity through the Ten Commandments. A fascinating story that will leave Christian children, but also their parents, speechless!


9.Anne of Green Gables 3

Anne is growing up into a young woman. Family, friends and romances throughout the PEI atmosphere. Left for college, there's an emptiness at Green Gables. Trying new and innovative things, Anne makes decisions for her future.


10.Sepp de Wolvenvriend

Discover the captivating story of Sepp, who lives high in the mountains and thoroughly enjoys nature and the simple life on his parents' goat farm. Sepp has a unique gift for dealing with animals; his best friend is a goat with whom he performs all sorts of fun tricks, and even a wolf becomes his pal. However, when his father, on the way to the village to sell his delicious cheeses, has an accident, everything changes. The homemade cheeses fall from the wagon and end up in the river. A prosperous merchant, who happens to be fishing with his son, discovers the cheeses and considers them a true gift from heaven. The events turn Sepp's life upside down. Experience the twists in the story as Sepp navigates these challenges and discovers the meaning of true friendship.


11.Elly Vertelt

If you liked Elly en Rikkert, you'll love Elly vertelt! In each episode of this faith-filled series, Elly reads a part of a well-known Christian children's book. Watch the whole series to enjoy your favourite story read out loud by Elly and her iconic voice!


12.Edje Zoekt de Schat


13.Vader met Vier Kinderen: Op Vakantie

The family has left for a vacation in sunny Gran Canaria, to enjoy a week of peace, quiet, relaxation, and family life. The children and Uncle Anders want to participate in the hotel's contest to become 'The Sunny Family of The Year'. But Father says no, emphasizing: 'We are good enough as we are!' However, he changes his mind when he meets the competing family and recognizes the father as his school bully.


14.Mamma Boe: Op Zoek naar Thuis

When Stork, after a long journey from South Africa, appears on the farm, Mamma Moo asks herself the question what home means to her. Her best friend Crow helps Mamma Moo answer this question.


15.Corrie ten Boom: Voor Kinderen


16.Pietje Kortstaart

Pietje Kortstaart is the heartwarming story of a little tomcat that is born without a tail in the Swedish countryside. He ends up with a family in the city of Uppsala, where he really enjoys himself. In the cat world of Uppsala, he makes a lot of friends, such as the sweet Mimi. Unfortunately, he also meets the mean Joop and his henchmen, who endlessly tease Pietje about his rural origins and his too-short tail.


17.Snuf de hond en het spookslot


18.Maak het zelf met Adrienne

Feeling creative? Then, you'll like 'Maak het zelf met Adrienne'. In this fun programme, Adrienne comes up with creative ideas and guides children and their parents through the process of making all sorts of fun crafts on their own! Enjoy!


19.Casper en Emma

Casper and Emma are two best friends who go to school together. Together with their stuffed animals, they embark on all sorts of adventures and learn something new every day. Let them take you along as they discover the world!

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