Christian series

The Christian series on the New Faith Network are suitable for young and old and are packed with faith, God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Biblical stories are shown and told in an interesting way. All our Christian series are checked and filtered by the editors. This way, you can be sure that you can enjoy the best movies without concern of improper content!
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Popular Christian series


1.When Hope Calls: Behind the Scenes

Kevin McGarry takes you behind the scenes on the series When Hope Calls! What is this When Calls the Heart spin-off series about? Who are the characters? Get to know Lillian and Grace, the handsome cowboy Chuck and the new mountie Gabriel in this special.


2.Ties That Bind

Ties that Bind is a breathtaking police drama about Allison McLean, a Christian policewoman who needs to do the right thing and arrest her criminal brother. This arrest will cost his children their father. Consequently, Allison will have to take them in. How will she make them understand that it’s all for the best?



Nothing is more important than God and family... that is what Vindication highlights. Successful detective Gary Travis is amid an overly complex criminal case when his estranged daughter returns home. With the help of his Christian wife, Gary will learn a lesson about parenthood, faith and second chances.


4.Small Miracles

In this heartwarming miniseries, two charismatic narrators guide us through several stories of people who have been touched by God in the most spectacular ways. Based on actual events, ‘Small Miracles’ reminds us that sometimes reality exceeds fiction and encourages us to keep an eye out for the small miracles in our own lives.


5.The Dark

Do you ever imagine what the End Times would be like? 'The Dark' is a fictional 5-episode miniseries, which explores this theological concept. We meet Pastor Peter Braxton, whose wife has died and his son has been taken by the Antichrist himself, and we watch him battle infidel criminals and mercenaries as they search for other believers.


6.The Encounter

He is the Alpha and the Omega - blessed are the ones who believe in Him! 'The Encounter' is a series in which Jesus appears in the modern world, in order to save people from sin. Will they recognise and follow Him? Starring Bruce Marchiano, this Christian series is guaranteed to keep you glued to your screen.


7.The Light Shines in the Darkness

After a near death accident, a child protective agent is left with extraordinary God-given gifts, allowing her to protect and rescue those in most need of her help.

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