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A powerful series for people who love horse movies! In Heartland, we watch the story of Amy, a girl who lives in the 'Heartland' horse ranch, in Virginia. Together with family and friends, Amy tries to help horses that have been abused. But, the special thing about the Heartland ranch is that the people there don't just use tradidional healing methods - they mainly use phychologically based therapies. So, eventually, together with the horses, everyone makes peace with their past, and heals their own traumas.

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Prairie, Drama, Romance, Dieren
Chris Potter, Michelle Morgan, Graham Wardle, Amber Marshall, Alisha Newton, Shaun Johnston
Dean Bennett
Release date
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In every season of Heartland I learn something new about myself. To be honest Ive watched this series so many times that it feels as if Amy and I have grown up together! Shes my favourite character ever and has definitely sparked my interest in horse riding.


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