Movies with Christian values, for the whole family

Ever since 2017, New Faith Network is providing you with a Christian, and above all safe, streaming platform for the whole family. There’s always something for you to discover in our broad collection of movies about the Bible and stories of faith.

Where faith and online video come together

Our mission is to inspire Christians from all over the world. We believe that we can do so by combining the modern world of online video with inspiring stories of faith. These inspiring stories can be found in beautiful movies and immersive documentaries.

Always checked, always safe

New Faith Network is here for everybody that wants to be inspired by faith, both young and old. And our dedicated team knows what it takes. That’s why we’re not only searching for the best movies, we are personally checking each and every one of them to make sure it really is safe for the whole family. That way, you can enjoy New Faith Network carefree. 


Proud of how far we’ve come

We are incredibly proud of where we’re at today. Started in the Dutch mediatown of Hilversum, we are now inspiring families in over 30 countries in- and outside of Europe. Our fast growing team has also improved and created more user friendly apps such as our very own Smart TV-app. And yet we feel like we’ve only just begun.