Christian & Religious Documentaries

New Faith Network also has many documentaries. These documentaries are stand alone films and are interesting and contain many nice stories. The documentaries on New Faith Network also consist of a number of own productions! They are all checked and filtered by the editors to ensure they are Christian-friendly. This way, you can be sure to enjoy yourself for hours with the best titles on our Christian streaming platform, without worries!

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Popular Christian & Religious Documentaries


1.De Franse Slag in Zeeland


This documentary is about the start of the second World War. The film starts in 1939 with the policital jibbering between the Dutch and the French governments about the defense against a possible German attack. The French plan on forming a line against the Germans with Belgium and the Netherlands, but the Dutch government wants to remain neutral like in the first World War. When the German attack the Netherlands after all, the French immediately take action and take position. They do this in Zeeland and Brabant in order to defent the entrance to "The Schelde". The story then zoomes in on the battle for Zuid-Beveland and Walcheren, with emphasis on the French troops. The film also shines light on the civilian side of the French battle. We hear from Tobias van Gent about the history and military strategy, eyewitnesses of the German attack in Zeeland, the French soldier about the goal of the French and about General Deslourens as well as some experts in the field.


2.Return to Grace


Martin Luther caused a landslide that shook the western world of the sixteenth century. Its impact remains visible to this day. The great discovery of Martin Luther comes to life in this intense portrayal of the quest for the truth of this poverty-stricken monk - a quest that would reform the church and the world. It is perhaps the most faithful film about Luther's life ever made and does not shy away from the deep theological questions and answers that characterize Luther as one of the most influential people of the past thousand years.


3.In a Silent World

Gifted musician Marshall Lawrence and his wife Terry, a communication professor, were excited to welcome newborn Rachel into their world. But because of Rachel's deafness-they were forced to enter hers.


4.Jacob Spoelstra - Kezellig

Wrap up 2019 with the hilarious New Year's Eve show 'Kezellig' by Jacob Spoelstra! On December 6th at the Veluvine in Nunspeet, we looked back with Jacob at various events of the past year, such as the burning of Notre Dame, the farmers' protests, darts, the Ruinerwold family, and much more! Jacob Spoelstra If you've seen a New Year's Eve show on TV in recent years, chances are you've laughed at a joke by Jacob Spoelstra. This comedian not only writes his own shows but also writes for several other comedians and television programs. So it's high time he did his own end-of-year show! Want to see more of Jacob? Then also check out his performance 'Live Act.'


5.Not For Sale


6.The insanity of God


7.Is Genesis History?

Explore the world to see how it intersects with the stories related in Genesis. Del Tackett hikes through canyons, climbs mountains, and dives below the sea to examine two competing views - one compelling truth.


8.Episode 1

This breathtaking documentary explores different animal species, the paths of specific animals, and the nature of instinct and intelligence.

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