Horse films

New Faith Network has many films that are set on e.g. a ranch or a farm and here you of course have a lot of horses. In these films these noble animals play a big part and characters such as cowboys, ranchers, and equestrians make an appearance. So if you yourself are perhaps a big horse lover, then these are the perfect films for you!

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Popular horse films


1.My Broken Horse Christmas


Every winter John and his father Ira Anderson set out together to purchase a new horse as an inclusion to their stable. This year the 11-year-old John is absolutely amazed by his father's unusual choice; he selects the hostile and unruly mare called Grace. And enlists John to take care of the intimidating addition to their farm. With this deed the 11-year-old learns a number of valuable life lessons that he can take into his adulthood. A charming family film that highlights the importance of faith, love and vindication.


2.A Gift Horse


Amanda, a young and energetic girl, is being torn apart after losing her mother to cancer. She struggles with the fact that her father has a new relationship. To handle this, she spends her time on a ranch owned by a business tycoon. His daughter, Abigail, refuses to appreciate everything she gets from her father. When Abigail rejects her father's new gift, Misty a beautiful but spicy horse, Amanda opens her heart to the horse. Together with an inspiring and loving horse trainer, they prove that the horse is a true champion. During this process new friendships arise and the family ties become closer.


3.Healed by Grace 2


Gauff is a grumpy elderly horsetrainer who has a history of disfunctional relationships. This includes the relationship with his adult daughter, Brandy, who he hasn't been in contact with for multiple years. But all that is about to change when Brandy is diagnosed with cancer. Her husband, John, despite his estranged relationship with Brandy, asks Gauff if he will take care of his teenage granddaughter Jesse, while Brandy is receiving treatment. Jesse is 14-year-old girl dreaming the horse dream. Even though Gauff is hesitant at first he agrees. Spending time with Jesse makes him see the error of his ways as he doesn't want to make the same mistakes again. He puts aside his own pride and knows he needs to ask for forgiveness. An inspiring story about reconciliation and connection set in the world of equestrian training.


4.Coming Home


15-year-old Ida lives in the city with her mother. She loves her life: she's part of the popular kids in school, she lives to go shopping with her best friend Karoline, and she is a fashion blogger. Untill one day, her mother tells her they're moving. And they're not moving to New York or London, they're moving to an abandoned farm in Northern Norway. Angry at her parents for taking her away from her friends, she hates her new life in the country side. And things take a turn for the worse when her mother forces her to get to know the locals. In her eyes, they're all filthy, without a sence for fashion, and always busy with their horses, something she just can't understand. Ida only sees one way out: to run away. But her life takes a surprising turn when ze meets a horse called Kehilan.


5.De Paardenzomer


A horseriding camp is the best thing there is. At least, that's what Kathy thinks as she dream about it more often than not. The only thing is, her father doesn't allow horseriding after he had a bad rodeo accident himself. Yet, Kathy's dream comes true as she's allowed to go to summercamp. In her room she meets the pretty, popular, but also very mean Stacy, as well as the funny and sweet Lisa. Kathy becomes friends with Lisa. Surprisingly enough, Kathy turns out to be a natural on a horse, making her very popular suddenly and forgetting about her friendship with Lisa. When she finally competes with mean Stacy, she finds out what true friendship actually means.


6.Hope Ranch


Mike, his wife Rebeccah and their daugther Grace are moving into a new ranch. Grace even gets her own horse called Faith, and she is completely over the moon. Until Mike, who is a former army commander, receives a call for a second tour of duty. Guided by feeling obligated to serve his country, he accepts. Until the day comes that Rebeccah and Grace get the news that noone wants to hear, and their lives will change forever. Rebeccah remains faithful to God and searches comfort in church during this period of mourning, while Grace wants nothing to do with God. When the family gets in financial trouble and might lose the ranch, they come up with a plan, with the help of some friends, to raise enough money to be able to keep the ranch. In the end, the family will learn to never lose hope.


7.Hope's Legacy


It would be a dream for a lot of people, but when college student Lizzie inherits her grandmother's horse ranch, the overwhelming reality fuels her lack of confidence. Without the encouragement of her boyfriend James, she probably wouldn't be trying to handle the amount of work it takes to run a ranch. But Lizzie soon realizes that her newfound love for the ranch and dressage transcend other career options. With both doubt and hope, she embarks on a mission to train for three high-stakes horseback riding competitions. But when James proposes to Lizzie, this happy moment is met with skepticism by both their parents, who believe the two are too young to take on such a responsibility. But they keep strong while Lizzie finds her self-confidence being bombared yet again, now by the tasks of making all those marriage decisions. And when James' ex-girlfriend, Bethany, shows up, things seem to get even worse. And when Lizzie also discovers that her mentor, Linda, is being accused of drugging horses, she doesn't know what to do anymore. Eventually Lizzie learns the truth about both James and Linda, and is finally able to evolve and overcome her incoming obstacles. concentrate on the and very important game. Will she go for gold?


8.Horse Camp


Kathy is a shy girl who's suffered a lot of bullying. She has always dreamt of going horse riding, but because of an accident her father once had at the rodeo, her mother won't allow it. On the other hand, her father wants to send Kathy to a horse camp, in order for her to make friends and socialise. So, Kathy finds a good horse camp and decides to spend the summer there. At the horse camp, she meets Lisa. Lisa shows her around the ranch and soon becomes her friend by helping her pick her outfits and do her makeup. As Kathy gradually gains popularity, she starts taking Lisa's friendship for granted, and she eventually become's Lisa's bully. Will she be able to realise how unfair she is being to others and apologise, before everyone leaves her?


9.Moondance Alexander


Moondance Alexander woont in de buurt van de Rocky Mountains. Op een dag wordt ze omvergelopen door een loslopend paard. Samen met haar excentrieke moeder gaat ze opzoek naar de eigenaar. Hij wil eigenlijk met niemand iets te maken hebben, maar met Moondance kan hij het goed vinden. Zij mag in de vakantie in de stallen werken en in ruil daarvoor geeft hij haar paardrijles op zijn paard, Dante. Maar wanneer ze samen gaan oefenen voor een wedstrijd lijkt het paard er ineens niet zoveel zin meer in te hebben...


10.Storm Rider


Dani Fielding is a spoiled 18-year-old whose world is turned upside down when her father is arrested for fraud. Besides the fact that she has to leave her comfortable home and move in with her grumpu uncle Sam, she also loses her beloved prize horse. While Dani and her uncle are struggling to bond, he’s given an orphaned colt that is a different type of horse than she is used to training. Nevertheless, Dani decides to pour her affection into training "Stormy" and using him to fill the emptiness that was created in her hectic life. Because of Stormy, she realizes that truly caring about others might be the answer to most of her problems. And when her uncle and friends need her the most, she and Stormy need to work together to save the day and discover the true meaning of the word 'family'.




When her mother is tragically killed in a car accident, 17-year-old Jessie is taken in by her aunt and uncle in western Montana. She ends up at a new school, with the unexpected attention of a stubborn bull rider - and an almost impossible need to hold on to the only bond she has with her mother: horseracing. Jessie does everything she can to be around horses and doesn't give up on her dream, even if she doesn't have a horse of her own. But when her Uncle Mick finds a deal on a horse deemed useless, Jessie finds a new hope in life and sees the opportunity to race like her mother.


12.Texas Rein


Cassie heads back home after hearing her father Marvin is seriously ill. Her initial plan is to stay for a short while. But everything changes when she sees Splash, her father's champion horse. She wants to compete at an international championship with Splash. However, she needs a capable trainer to qualify. This is where Cassie's journey begins.


13.Saving Winston


Ashley is a drug-abusing teen who gets arrested instead of her boyfriend during a botched robbery attempt. This event forces Ashley to start a long journey to rediscover herself. After her release from six months of institutionalized rehab, she's forced to live with her aunt, who is a horse trainer. While Ashley tries to rekindle her lost memories from her childhood, a time where she used to be a championship horserider, she struggles to break all contact with her ex-boyfriend who enabled her addiction. While she is adjusting to this new environment, she finds an abandoned and malnourished horse called Winston. Ashley and her aunt decide to rehabilitate the horse. As soon as the horse's health improves, so does Ashleys state of mind. Ashley also follows her aunt's example and learns the true meaning of living a righteous life. Yet, shadows from her past keep resurfacing and seduce her to go back to her destructive lifestyle. Ashley must decide to return to her dark past or continue on this new path of salvation, accompanied by God and horses.


14.Running Forever


When teenage girl Taylor realises that she never properly grieved for the loss of her mother, she tries to repair the relationship with her father. But that's easier said than done... In the process of trying to find reconciliation and healing through visiting her father's ranch, she bonds with a beautiful horse that has suffered its own tragic loss.


15.A Heartland Christmas

Lou is forced to postpone her Christmas plans after an anonymous call about a herd of horses getting stuck in the Rocky Mountains after an avalanche. Amy and Ty join together on a trip to try and save the horses while making it back in time for Christmas. During rescue attempt they also bring together a village and family, long drifted apart by tragedy. And while grandpa Jack and Amy's dad Tim are waiting for them to return, Caleb and Ashley realise what Christmas is really about. A lovely Christmas special for [all the Heartland-fans]( out there.


16.All Roads Lead Home

When Belle, struggling with the loss of her mom, is sent to live with her grandfather, she soon becomes the savior of all living things! An old race horse and Atticus the dog change Belle's life, and in turn the life of those who love her.


17.Touching Wild Horses

After a car accident that claimed his father and sister's lives and left his mother in a coma, a boy is sent to live with his reclusive aunt on Sable Island, a world-renowned wild horse preserve.


18.Calf Rope

A former rodeo champion and cattle auctioneer from Oklahoma bond tightly with his young grandson from Pennsylvania during the summer of '66 while teaching him a few tricks from his previous trades.


19.Amazing Racer

The death of a teenager's father leaves her orphaned until she discovers the mother she never knew. When she travels to meet her, she befriends a horse trainer. Together they win races and form new bonds that lead her back to happiness.


20.Hearts & Horses

A man is thrown into fatherhood when his daughter, whom he didn't know he had, is dropped off at his apple farm. After 16 years, the girl and her father will try to build a relationship. With love and a horse, they may just have a chance.

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