Christmas films

Movies that are about Christmas and the Christmas story that goes with it, they often tell it in an interesting and pleasant way.

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Popular Christmas films


1.A Match Made at Christmas


Holly Everton is a twenty-something-year-old and a true romantic who has been dreaming her whole life about falling in love with the perfect guy. But when her great-aunt matches her to the realitisch, career-driven, and above all Christmas-hating, Chris, she's not interested. But because of Christmas and a coming wedding they need to find a way to sit it out together. When their family and friends keep finding ways to bring the two together, they start to develop true and genuine feelings for one another. Will Holly's mistakes and Chris' stubbornness drive a wedge between the two? Or will their time together be enough to teach both Holly and Chris important lessons about honesty, family, and love?


2.Christmas Oranges


This is a Christian Christmas film that everyone should watch. Nine-year-old Rose was abandoned at birth and grew up, happily, in the cozy orphanage Greenwoods. Due to a major tragedy, she is transferred just before Christmas to a much less pleasant orphanage. The strict headmaster, Mr. Crampton, ensures that any child who breaks the rules will be punished. The headmaster is extra strict on Rose. Every Christmas the brother of the headmaster gives the children an orange as a Christmas gift. On Christmas morning, when all of the children eagerly await their juicy, sweet present, Crompton punishes Rose again and it seems like she will not receive her Christmas gift. But... Christmas is a time of miracles.


3.A Heartland Christmas


Lou is forced to postpone her Christmas plans after an anonymous call about a herd of horses getting stuck in the Rocky Mountains after an avalanche. Amy and Ty join together on a trip to try and save the horses while making it back in time for Christmas. During rescue attempt they also bring together a village and family, long drifted apart by tragedy. And while grandpa Jack and Amy's dad Tim are waiting for them to return, Caleb and Ashley realise what Christmas is really about. A lovely Christmas special for all the Heartland-fans out there.


4.A Princess for Christmas


Jules' life is turned upside down when she's suddenly in custody of her nephew and cousin after their parents tragically die in an accident. Now, a year later, life is still chaos. However, Jules is determined to give Milo and Maddie a Christmas they won't forget. Jules, Milo, and Maddie travel to Europe after they get invited by a long-lost family member. It turns out to be their grandfather, who doesn't like Christmas. Jules and Maddie try everything to still be able to celebrate Christmas. When Jules meets the charming Prince Ashton, their stay immediately gets a lot more interesting - until she meets his fiancé and wonders whether their differences will get in the way of true love.


5.A Holiday Homecoming


A Holiday Homecoming is the sequal to the Welcome to Hope series. After a big fire destroyed the local foster home, the locals in Hope (NY) join together to help those foster children who lost their shelter. Multiple people take some children in over the holidays. For some, this appears to be life changing as they feel that the children change their homes. Especially for Jesse, who is used to being an only child and now has two siblings living in his father's house. Can he turn around and put his own ego aside? A Holiday Homecoming is a film full of love and hope, and countless Christian norms and values.


6.Altar Egos


In an attempt to get more people to the church, pastor John and his wife Betsy want to take a different approach to the Christmas service this year. But the older conductor Mary Margaret, who also happens to be John's stepmother, strongly disagrees. She gets the choir to boycott Christmas. Pastor John feels like he has no choice: he and his son go undercover to get the choir back. Dressed up as two elderly eclectics they are one a mission to change the choir's mind. This results in an hilarious story up to the point where faces are melting of in a Japanese restaurant. But this cheerful family film also brings a strong story about forgiveness and recovery.


7.Baby in a Manger


During the Christmas program at the church, things go awry when the power goes down. As soon as the lights come back on, it becomes clear that the baby in the manger isn't a doll but a real baby. Allision from Child Protective Services starts her investigation in finding out who the real mother is and why she's giving her baby away. Does she not want the child? Or does she want the child to have a life that she can't offer? But at the same time, police officer Brock also feels the obligation to get to the truth. And so there's a constant bickering between the two. But in their search for the truth, it seems they are also developing feelings for one another as they get to know each other. Will the magic of Christmas help them discover the truth and find a home for this baby?


8.Christmas Dress


It's Christmas Eve and Leland Jeppson's hope is gone. Having trouble to get by this winter in his rustic homestead, he at least hoped to give his family an unforgettable Christmas. But with a snowstorm blazing and the train carrying their Christmas presents nowhere to be seen, it seems that Christmas is just going to be another thing they have to live without this year. But when dusk falls, they learn that their presents were mysteriously delivered to a post office in a not-so nearby town. Who is brave enough to brave the storm and deliver the presents to the Jeppsons? Local but half-blinded postman George feels it's his duty and so he takes his son Sidney in an attempt to deliver a Christmas miracle for the Jeppsons. Inspired by a true story.


9.Christmas Wander


Amelia (Amy) is a bitter, angry, rock-n-roll type bar owner, whose bar is in big financial troubles. Life gets even harder for her when she receives a phone call from her father's retirement home. Her father, who has been absent from her life for over 15 years and is also an ex-con, has Alzheimers and will be removed from his home. At first, Amy doesn't want anything to do with him, but then she finds out he's hidden a large sum of money he once stole in a remote cabin. Desperate to save her bar, she busts her father out of the home and takes him on a trip to find the missing money. What she doesn't realize yet, is that this trip will bond her to her father and stir up her own need for faith, forgiveness, and honesty.


10.Christmas Angel


Olivia Mead has one big wish for her mother Melinda, and that is for her to find a new husband that she is also proud to call 'dad'. Olivia and her mom live next to a dilapidated house that seems abandoned, and when Olivia notices time on time again that people's wishes done before the house are coming true, she decides to take her shot. She wishes for her mom to find her new man. It doesn't take long before a handsome doctor walks into her mother's life. Meanwhile, Olivia also discovers that the house isn't actually abandoned but that an old lady called Elsie lives there. They develop a friendship as Elsie teaches the little girl to put her faith in God. Can Elsie be the christmas angel that makes all the wishes come true?


11.A Perfect Christmas


Holly has the perfect life. Only one thing is missing from it: the perfect man. This she also convides in her best friend Deena as she points at the super handsome mannequin in the store she passes every day. When a few days later she falls and hits her head, right in front of the mannequin, she wakes up to a handsome man offering to help her up. It seems that Holly has found her perfect guy to fit her perfect life. However, she slowly comes to the realization that the pressure of having the perfect life isn't as great as she thought it would be. She will have to decide between having the perfect life she always dreamed of, or true love that has been waiting for her this whole time.


12.Banking on Christmas


Even though Jack would rather cook, he's now running an old car garage while taking care of his old and grumpy father. The garage has been a family legacy and he feels that it's his duty to uphold it. But when he enters the bank on December 23rd to ask for a loan for his garage, he gets locked up in the bank's vault with Rosalind, a loan officer at the bank. Rosalind also dreams of doing something else with her life: being a stand-up comedian. They are stuck together in the vault for a few days and have to put all their christmas plans aside while only having each other to pull through untill the rescue. After their liberation from the vault, love, romance, and new chances are waiting for them both.


13.Chocolate Covered Christmas


Sadie grew up in the chocolate shop of her parents. Ever since she was a little girl she dreamed about taking over the shop one day. Now Sadie is a twenty-something-year-old who has a successful career in advertising. When her boyfriend cancels their holiday plans she decides to go back to her hometown. There she sadly discovers that her parents sold their store to Alex, a young man that doesn't know anything about chocolate. Reluctantly, Sadie agrees on teaching the new owner everything she knows about chocolate. But when she meets the handsome new owner, that task doesn't seem as bad anymore. But can Sadie and Alex keep things sweet when things take a bitter turn?


14.Christmas Manger


Chap is an elderly rancher who lost his wife recently. He masks the sorrow and loneliness he experiences with his gruff demeanor. One day his estranged foster daughter, Jessica, and her child, Cassidy, show up at Chap's doorstep. Jessica and Cassidy left an abusive household, so he offers them a safe place to stay. During their stay they start constructing a Christmas manger at the ranch, with the help of a handful of locals. The amazing project helps them heal as individuals and mend their relationships. An emotional and refreshing Christmas film underscoring the value of family, forgiveness and collaboration.


15.Christmas with a Capital C


Dan Reed, mayor of Trapper Falls, Alaska, always looks foward to the festive season. Each year the community comes together to put up decorations, hold various events and spread the Christmas spirit. But this year the celebrations seem to be at risk: Dan's high school rival, big shot lawyer Mitch Bright, has returned to his hometown. Mitch claims that Christmas should not be celebrated, as religion isn't his cup of tea. He convinces the residents to remove the decorations, while constantly questioning everything that has to do with Christmas. Dan believes that Mitch's stance goes far beyond 'not caring for religion', so he decides to save the Christmas traditions of the town. A festive movie about faith, determination and respect.


16.Christmas at Maple Creek


Diana is a romance novelist and a true romantic herself. When she finds out the little charming town Maple Creek is having trouble, she decides to help out. She organizes a Christmas ball in theme of the pioneers of the past. Here she meets Carter, blackmsith and town historian, and sparks start flying. But when her secret crush comes to visit, Diana needs to decide where her heart truly lies.


17.Christmas Child


Christmas is getting closer and closer, and journalist Jack takes his last assignment before the holidays. He is sent to Dallas, but later needs to travel to Clearwater, Texas, because of a mysterious photo he finds in a safety deposit box. Jack dives into the town's mysteries hoping to find out more about his past and his birth. He discovers new secrets, meets family he never even knew existed, and finds a love that never left him.


18.A Horse Called Hope


Sixteen-year-old Lizzy is strong-willed and moody, has lost the trust of her parents, is suspended from school, and needs to refocus on life. Her parents believe a change of environment on her grandmother Mary’s peaceful country ranch will give her the emotional stability that she desperately needs. There she is introduced to a horse that she calls Hope. As Lizzy gains Hope's trust, she finds a purpose she never knew existed and gently nurses him back to health while slowly overcoming her own pain and mixed emotions. A story about hope, love, redemption, and most of all: the power of second chances.


19.Christmas in Carolina


After losing her parents in a car accident the year before, driven financial banker Elle doesn't look forward to Christmas. And when her only sister is unconveniently living in the UK and her cousing decides to travel for Christmas, Elle plans to dive into work to get her through the holidays. But when her cousin Blythe sets up a blind-date for her, and doesn't take no for an answer, Elle meets Wesley, old NBA-player and now CEO of a marketing firm. Seeing him a few times, she carefully admits feelings are starting to develop. And when he invites her to spend Christmas with his family in South Carolina, they fall hopelessly in love, and Elle gets back all hope for Christmas.



Brad Stine's fourth live stand-up comedy concert is a riot fest on hammering political correctness as only Brad Stine can. Family safe and curse free never the less Wussification is a hilarious discourse on oversensitive witches, male cheerleaders, men's 'feminine side', Barney vs Captain Kangaroo and why men should get pregnant! Brad’s courage to speak the truth allows you to laugh while being inspired by America’s ONLY “dangerous" Christian comedian!


21.Oudejaarsconference 2022 door Rob Favier

Watch now Rob Favier's New Year's Eve comedy show. In this performance, he concludes the year 2022 with both laughter and tears. Don't miss it! Old proverbs often contain a nugget of truth, and Rob Favier hopes that will be the case this year as well. If, as the proverb says, "perseverance pays off," then after two years of dealing with the pandemic, we will indeed manage to bid farewell to the year with a festive New Year's Eve comedy show. The singer, songwriter, poet, speaker, and author continues his own tradition with this performance. There's been enough happening around us to make us wonder if we still dare to face it all. Significant changes are on the horizon, major conflicts in the world... It's easy to forget that finding joy together is a powerful weapon against all the challenges that come our way. You can confidently leave that to Rob Favier. And he wants to remind you of this during his New Year's Eve comedy show titled "Do we still dare?" He does it in his characteristic way: the laughter, the tears, quirky, confronting, and touching songs, always with the underlying theme of a Strength beyond us. Witty (verbal) jokes and interaction with the audience are Rob Favier's forte. The fact that he has once again been asked to share his perspective on the past year indicates that his contribution to shaping history is highly valued. As is tradition, he will be accompanied by his regular New Year's Eve comedy quartet. This year, it consists of Jan Willem van Delft, arrangements and piano; Mark Dekkers, bass; Nico Eijlers, drums; and Jonny Boston, saxophone, and clarinet. A quartet where musicality and craftsmanship shine through.


22.Christmas special 2018

Quickly view this Christmas special from New Faith Network. In this special, Sonja surprises her mother and two other elderly people with a Christmas tree. She talks to them about the Christmas atmosphere and what Christmas means to them. Get into the Christmas spirit and get inspired to put someone else in the spotlight this Christmas. At the end of the episode Sonja also has an extra surprise for the oldies. [ Reyer ] ( will also be singing a song.


23.A Christmas Snow

Kathleen has carried around the unwanted memory of her father abandoning her and her mother on Christmas Eve. For the past 30 years, she has blamed her mother for that night and refuses to celebrate Christmas in any fashion. She finds herself stuck in her own home with two unlikely guests, because of an unforgiving blizzard. As the storm brings her face to face with the hurts of her past, she will have to choose one path; letting go and grabbing hold of a life changing forgiveness or continuing to carry her pain and bitterness with her.


24.A Cinderella Christmas

Angie works hard for her uncle's event company, but her cousin Candace always takes the credit. When she picks up a custom-made dress for her job, it turns out the dress was made for her and she decides to go to the Christmasquerade Ball. There, she immediately catches the eye of the wealthy bachelor Nicholas. But before she has to reveal her identity, she leaves the party, leaving Nicholas in his quest to find that mysterious woman. Will they ever see each other again?


25.A Godwink Christmas: Meant for Love

A chance encounter brings Alice and Jack, two strangers with very different lives, together for a wedding celebration over the weekend. They instantly click, but after Alice's failed long-distance relationship, she is afraid of getting hurt again. Her mother, however, has a very different opinion and encourages Alice to start dating again. After encountering each other by a series of coincidences, the love between Alice and Jack continues to grow. Until they both face a difficult decision. Is their love for each other enough to overcome all the obstacles that life brings?


26.The Last Christmas Home

Normally, the entire Marvin family gathers at Christmas to spend the holidays at the parental home. This year, that will be for the last time, as the house is being sold. And the buyer is Megan's old high school sweetheart. As she spends more time with him, she starts to develop feelings for him again. But can she cope with the fact that he's buying the house, thereby throwing away all her childhood memories? Or will new traditions emerge?


27.The Nine Lives of Christmas

The handsome firefighter Zachery is single and still thoroughly enjoys his freedom. Until a stray cat appears at his door and he decides to take the cat in. Slowly, he begins to realize that it's nice to have some company. He gets in touch with Marilee, a veterinarian, who teaches him everything about how to care for his cat. Sparks fly immediately, which makes Zachery increasingly realize that she might just be the perfect woman for him.


28.The Picture of Christmas

Ember Morley, a graphic designer who dreams of becoming a fairy-tale book illustrator, receives an unexpected inheritance: her grandmother's Christmas tree orchard. Initially planning to sell it before Christmas, she returns to her hometown of Willow Hill. However, the enchanting local community persuades her to extend her stay and help organize the annual Christmas Tree Festival. When she starts working with Brandon Hart, the charming farm manager, Ember re-discovers old desires. Will the magic of Christmas lead her to the right path?


29.The Nine Kittens of Christmas

Veterinarian Marilee and firefighter Zachery reunite after 5 years when a box full of kittens is left at the fire station. They team up to find them a good home.


30.Marrying Father Christmas

When Miranda Chester set off to find information on her biological father two Christmases ago, she never imagined that her investigation would lead her to both the family she had always longed for and Ian McAndrick - the love of her life.


31.A Godwink Christmas

Paula is proposed to by her boyfriend Daniel just before Christmas. Jane, Paula's aunt, knows that Paula has mixed feelings about the proposal and invites her to visit her. Once there, she meets Gary, the charming owner of an inn. Does she still want to marry her boyfriend Daniel now?


32.Deck the Heart

Christmas is approaching when the handsome wealthy bachelor Chris inherits his grandfather's house. He is expected to uphold the tradition with a grand Christmas party at the mansion. But what if you have no time for it at all? That's why Chris hires Meredith, an event planner who loves Christmas. The better they get to know each other, the more they click...


33.Joy and Hope

Joy and Hope McGregor run a farm in upstate New York with their father and a family friend. When a kind stranger comes to the area to find inspiration for his new book, they show him just how special Christmas on the farm can be.


34.Miracle at gate 213

Holiday travellers are stranded at an airport on Christmas Eve. The plot shows how the miracles at Gate 213 affect each person's life.


35.Miracle on Christmas

The holiday spirit seems distant for the Boyce family until an unexpected visitor and miracle change everything on Christmas Day.


36.Because of Grácia

High school student Chase Morgan has the personal motto: "Don't seize the day." Together with his best friend Ob, he experiences all kinds of crazy things. Then Gracia, also known as Grace, comes into their lives. Grace has prayed for a Christian friend and is happy to befriend Chase.


37.Shoelaces for Christmas

A self-absorbed teenager learns the true meaning of Christmas spirit through the support of her family and an unexpected encounter with a very special young girl.


38.A Godwink Christmas: Miracle of Love

Brought together by community service, Eric and Joy find new purpose at Christmas. As they help a family rebuild their home, coincidences and a medical miracle lead them to believe in destiny.


39.Saving Faith

Faith fears she may have to close the Ritz Theater after years of struggling to keep it open. With help from friends, she tries to put on a big Christmas show to save the building.


40.Christmas Plus One

When sisters Cara and Amy make a pact to find their soulmates by next Christmas, they don’t expect to be so lucky. A year later, Amy is almost walking down the aisle while Cara seems to have found a nice man too, but is he really her soulmate?


41.My Favorite Christmas Tree

Kyla is a genealogist who travels to the charming town of Conifer, hoping to trace her ancestry. The quest leads Kyla to a Christmas tree farm. Here she meets the handsome but stubborn owner who hopefully can assist her further in her search.


42.The Christmas Retreat

Kim expects her boyfriend to propose to her and is very upset when he instead breaks up the relationship. In order to let her enjoy the pleasures of the holiday season again, her mother takes her to a Christmas retreat. There she meets the charming Mark, who has just lost his job.


43.A Candlelit Christmas

Ellie decides to go back home for Christmas and help her father with the candle making. However, she doesn't know that her father has the charming writer Logan staying with him, who is looking for inspiration for his writings.


44.An Unlikely Angel

Janie, a young professional wife, and soon-to-be mother, faces a life-altering accident that changes the course of her life and affects her loved ones. When she awakens from the crash, she’s an outsider in her own family and questions God’s love and her purpose. Through her personal crisis, she is assisted and advised by an angel in the guise of a rideshare driver. Will she follow his guidance and find her way back to happiness?


45.Always a Winner

A girl transfers to a Christian school for her senior year determined to repeat as state golf champion. As she begins that quest, she is greatly affected by her golf Coach and comes to learn what is really most important in life.


46.My Favourite Christmas Melody

Formerly a talented singer-songwriter with great potential, Abby currently creates lackluster jingles for advertisements. Upon returning home for the holidays, she is approached by the high-school music teacher to assist in preserving the school's arts program. Through this experience, Abby rekindles her artistic spirit, recovers her self-assurance to pursue her aspirations, and opens herself up to the prospect of love.


47.A Candle in the Window

After Molly dies, her husband and three young daughters struggle to face their first Christmas without her. But eight-year-old Emily is convinced her mother will come and visit her at Christmas.


48.Christmas Apron

It's nearly Christmas, and the seven children in Millie's family can't wait for Grandma to arrive with her special Christmas apron, newly pressed and filled with generations of holiday memories. According to tradition, each grandchild will carefully write down the gift he or she wants most in the world, and then slip that wish into the apron's frilled pocket. Then, on Christmas morning, will those wished-for gifts will be waiting under the tree--like magic?


49.Snowed in For Christmas

The young au pair Kaley can't make it home for Christmas when a snowstorm thwarts her plans. Despite feeling disappointed and sad, she is determined to teach the girls she cares for, along with their charming uncle, the magic of Christmas. Will this all lead to a perfect Christmas?

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