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Saving Winston


Ashley is a drug-abusing teen who gets arrested instead of her boyfriend during a botched robbery attempt. This event forces Ashley to start a long journey to rediscover herself. After her release from six months of institutionalized rehab, she's forced to live with her aunt, who is a horse trainer. While Ashley tries to rekindle her lost memories from her childhood, a time where she used to be a championship horserider, she struggles to break all contact with her ex-boyfriend who enabled her addiction. While she is adjusting to this new environment, she finds an abandoned and malnourished horse called Winston. Ashley and her aunt decide to rehabilitate the horse. As soon as the horse's health improves, so does Ashleys state of mind. Ashley also follows her aunt's example and learns the true meaning of living a righteous life. Yet, shadows from her past keep resurfacing and seduce her to go back to her destructive lifestyle. Ashley must decide to return to her dark past or continue on this new path of salvation, accompanied by God and horses.

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I simply loved this film!

Saving Winston

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