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Hope's Legacy

It would be a dream for a lot of people, but when college student Lizzie inherits her grandmother's horse ranch, the overwhelming reality fuels her lack of confidence. Without the encouragement of her boyfriend James, she probably wouldn't be trying to handle the amount of work it takes to run a ranch. But Lizzie soon realizes that her newfound love for the ranch and dressage transcend other career options. With both doubt and hope, she embarks on a mission to train for three high-stakes horseback riding competitions. But when James proposes to Lizzie, this happy moment is met with skepticism by both their parents, who believe the two are too young to take on such a responsibility. But they keep strong while Lizzie finds her self-confidence being bombared yet again, now by the tasks of making all those marriage decisions. And when James' ex-girlfriend, Bethany, shows up, things seem to get even worse. And when Lizzie also discovers that her mentor, Linda, is being accused of drugging horses, she doesn't know what to do anymore. Eventually Lizzie learns the truth about both James and Linda, and is finally able to evolve and overcome her incoming obstacles. concentrate on the and very important game. Will she go for gold?

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A very nice film about horses and love.

Hope's Legacy

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