War films

War films can be about military battles, but they can also be about soldiers and their daily lives during and after a war. War films are interesting, exciting and informative. Although war is never good, the films are still very compelling.

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Popular war films


1.Civil Love


Rachel Taylor becomes a widow after her Union soldier husband gets killed by Confederate soldiers during the Civil War. While Rachel needs to continue without her husband, and as the fighting goes on, she finds a wounded, Confederate soldier in her barn. Despite the soldier being her enemy, Rachel decides to do the Christian thing and starts taking care of the soldier and attends his wounds. All the while he's still being haunted by the marshal. At the same time, Rachel's brother-in-law Jonathan always fancied her and even wants to marry her. So far, Rachel has been reluctant to his proposal. When Rachel starts to develop feelings for her wounded soldier, Jonathan strongly disagrees. When troubles start coming from all sides, Rachel must find the strength to do what's right, to protect her family, and to open her heart again for love.


2.An Interview with God


When Paul Asher, an up-and-coming war journalist, finds his life falling apart after he returns from Afghanistan. His marriage is at the verge of breaking and he is also dealing with a personal crisis he struggles to understand. Besides that, a buddy he befriended on the front line in Afghanistan seems to be waging his own battles after discharge and so Paul is desparately trying to rescue him. But then Paul's life takes a strange turn when he is offered an interview that is impossible to say no to - an interview with a man who claims to be God.


3.An Uncommon Grace


After military service, army nurse Grace Conner returns to her grandmother's farm in the Amish country of Ohio. She hopes that the farmlife gives her a change to recover from the ravages of war in Afghanistan. Once there, she responds to the call from neighbor Levi who needs medical help following a mysterious shooting killing his stepfather and wounding his pregnant mother. Levi, belonging to one of the most conservative Amish communities, falls in love with Grace, although he knows that a relationship between them is strictly forbidden. Meanwhile, Grace goes looking for the instigator of the shooting and that is not without danger. It seems that Levi has to choose between his love for Grace and his responsibility to his family.




A story based on the life of 13-year-old Maisy (in the film called Daisy). The story takes place during the last few days of Daisy's life. She's suffering a terminal desease that makes even the simplest tasks difficult due to her sensitive skin, like hugging and taking a bath. Then she coincidentally meets Stinky (Peter), a British war veteran and also a drug addict. Daisy tells the story of a life she will never have and with that inspires Stinky to change and start enjoying his life. But the most important thing that she gives him, is hope of finding love, something she knows he has never experienced before.


5.Anything is Possible


Nathan's mother unexpectedly flies to Japan to help with the tsunami, but goes missing when a bridge collapses on which she was working. When Nathan overhears a phonecall with his father George, he discovers that George isn't his real dad. Scared to be placed into foster care, 10-year-old Nathan runs away from home. On the streets of Detroit he meets Iraqi vet Miles, and later also the 10-year-old Jesse, who lets Nathan secretly stay in his basement. Jesse's house also has a big piano and when Nathan starts to play, he turns out to be a gifted virtuoso. But when Jesse's mother finds out her son is hiding Nathan in the basement, she reunites him with his father George. But until Child Care Services has sorted out all necessary paperwork, Nathan needs to stay at the orphanage. When the children find out the orphanage will be shut down, they decide to set up a fundraiser in which Nathan plays the star role on the piano. After the big success, Nathan still feels empty with his mother still missing. But - anything is possible?


6.Crossroads of Hunter Wilde


Hunter Wilde is the leader of a group Christian survivors after an "EMP attack" (electromagnetic pulse). He's trying to help the community live a normal life. In a world filled with chaos every day means survival. But when the gates to Hell are opened and demons come after the last believers, it gets even worse. Hunter is their main target. If they can break him, the city will follow.


7.De Franse Slag in Zeeland


This documentary is about the start of the second World War. The film starts in 1939 with the policital jibbering between the Dutch and the French governments about the defense against a possible German attack. The French plan on forming a line against the Germans with Belgium and the Netherlands, but the Dutch government wants to remain neutral like in the first World War. When the German attack the Netherlands after all, the French immediately take action and take position. They do this in Zeeland and Brabant in order to defent the entrance to "The Schelde". The story then zoomes in on the battle for Zuid-Beveland and Walcheren, with emphasis on the French troops. The film also shines light on the civilian side of the French battle. We hear from Tobias van Gent about the history and military strategy, eyewitnesses of the German attack in Zeeland, the French soldier about the goal of the French and about General Deslourens as well as some experts in the field.


8.De Tien van Renesse


The "Tien van Renesse" is a documentary telling the story about ten men, hung by the Germans in December of 1944, after they deliberately make registers disappear and conspire with the enemy. Together with surviving relatives, this documentary takes a look on these atrocities and how it changed their lives forever. It shows how an escape attempt of 17 men from the resistance completely fails, of which only seven get away and the other ten get caught. Town Clerk C. Lazonder has to watch hopelessly as his ten friends are hanged, after which the same faith awaits himself. The Germans leave the bodies hanging for 24 hours in order to scare the people, relatives don't get the chance to say goodbye or even bury the bodies as they're being thrown into mass graves, and their homes are cleared or burned to the ground.


9.Beautifully Broken


The escape of a refugee, the promise of a prisoner, and the painful truth of a teenage daughter are what "Beautiful Broken" is all about. The film tells the story of three different families, all influenced by the gruesome Rwanda genocide. Two very different families from Rwanda and one from Nashville, Tennessee. For many different reasons the families couldn't be more different from one another, but it will soon show that each family encounters difficulties and setbacks. Based on true events.


10.Anna's stille strijd


When Tom Linszen, a young deaf filmmaker is in search of the faith of deaf Jewish people during the war, he comes across Anna. A deaf Jewish woman that survived the horrors of Auschwitz. He contacts documentary maker Willy Lindwer and together they make this film about this moving story. In this documentary, Anna tells Tom how she survived. Because if the Nazi's would have know she was deaf when she arrived, they would have immediately gassed her. The film tells Anna's history, how she grew up as a deaf Jewish girl before the war and how she experienced and processed the events prior to and during World War II. Anna's family was located in Antwerp and was deported to Auschwitz from Mechelen. An important part of this story is communication, and the lack of it.


11.Sniff the Dog in Wartime

Friesland 1945, Tom lives with his uncle and aunt on the outskirts of the village on the farm "Vredehoeven". He finds it hard to settle in the countryside, and is full of anger because his parents died in the German bombing of Rotterdam. He only wants one thing; fight and get revenge. To have a buddy Tom got a dog. A beautiful sweet shepherd dog. He calls him Snuff. Mirjam, his Jewish girlfriend, who is hiding on the same farm, tries to defrost Tom. Together with Snuf they experience the exciting adventures and help the Canadians to free their village. See also the other adventures of Snuff the Dog, in [Snuff the Dog and the hunt for the flying Volckert] (https://newfaithnetwork.nl/video/1-0-snuf-vliegde-volckert-1) and [Snuff the Dog and the ghost lock] (https://newfaithnetwork.nl/video/1-0-snuf-de-hond-en-het-spookslot).


12.Bonhoeffer: Agent of Grace

In a Lutheran church in the United States the inner circle of Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer advises him not to return to Germany. However, a doctor insists he must return because of his religious beliefs. Pastor Bonhoeffer heads back to Germany knowing he is at risk of being persecuted by the Nazis.


13.A Patriot's Day

Based on true stories, "The Patriot's Day" follows the lives of three different American soldiers. Set during the Iraq war, the film helps shed light on the mental health issues many US military men and women deal with on a daily basis.


14.Union Bound

Sergeant Joseph Hoover went to war to preserve the Union. After being captured and sent to a prisoner of war camp, he understood what it was to be kept against his will. Together with a friend he escaped and, aided by slaves, made it to freedom.


15.Free Burma Rangers

The film follows Dave, Karen, and their three young children, as they venture into war zones where they are fighting to bring hope. Viewers will follow the family into firefights, heroic rescues, and experience life-changing ministry.


16.My Christmas Soldier

It is Christmas Eve 1943. A small town in Georgia suffers from the war. The 11-year-old Gordy and his sister Priscilla wait for their father at the train station, where they feel the fear of the enemy. Then a train with German prisoners of war arrives. Gordy dares to go to the train and befriends a young German soldier, Hans. Through the hymn Silent Night, they learn the true meaning of peace on Earth. A story based on true events.

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