Films and series that revolve around faith and in which Bible verses are incorporated and featured.

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1.7 Days in the Holy Land


Billy Graham's son Franklin visits The Holy Land, Israel. He does so with his daughter Cissie. Together, they travel around Israel to see the locations of many famous Bible stories. Watch God's Word come alive in this special series, filmed in the Holy Land.


2.Come Unto Me


Samuel and Mary are watching John the Baptist with admiration. But when the father of Samuel and Mary owes taxes and the Roman soldiers are asking for little Mary as payment, he sends the children away hoping to protect them. On the run for the Roman soldiers, the two children meet Mary at a well, offering them water. She tells them about her son Jesus, and how his name means 'salvation'. The children will eventually still be bapitzed by John the Baptist, and Jesus tells them they will also meet their father again. Whether it is here on earth, or otherwise in Heaven. Meeting Jesus is something they will remember for the rest of their lives.


3.De Christenreis


This animation film is the next success of the eponymous masterwork of John Bunyan. A man named Pilgrim discovers a book, the more he reads it, the more he is convinced of sin and judgement day and a burden starts to weigh on him. Obessed with discovering the truth and escaping his birthtown, the town of destruction, he dares to go beyond the forbidden borders and starts his journey to find a celestial city that is ruled by a good an noble king. On his way he meets friends, but also enemies.


4.Crossroads of Hunter Wilde


Hunter Wilde is the leader of a group Christian survivors after an "EMP attack" (electromagnetic pulse). He's trying to help the community live a normal life. In a world filled with chaos every day means survival. But when the gates to Hell are opened and demons come after the last believers, it gets even worse. Hunter is their main target. If they can break him, the city will follow.


5.Diamond in the Rough


Michelle, a young teen in Colorado, loses her faith amidst extreme hardships and brief homelessness. With a mother battling drug and alcohol addiction since she was little, and a war veteran father battling extreme PTSD, violence and dysfunction are the norm. It's easy to say that Michelle starts each morning with a disadvantage on life. But her grandmother remains strong in her faith and prays for Michelle everyday. And when she meets a new friend in school, Maki, who knows what it feels like to be homeless, things are starting to look better for Michelle. But will it give Michelle enough strength to get her life back on track?


6.Destiny Road


A film about three different stories, of three different people, all with one goal: finding out how to chart a new direction in life. Frank's story is one about a religious leader becoming obsessed with power, money, and unbridled ambition. He has to choose between the spiritual or the material side of life. Jemeriah's story tells about a young man from a dysfunctional family who learns how to take care of himself on the streets: by stealing. Only a miracle can save him from a mysterious figure. The last story is Elizabeth's story: growing up with an overprotective mother and groomed for the best school and finding the right man, she meets Johnny, falls hopelessly in love and marries him. But while rediscovering life with her new freedom, she and Johnny grow apart and have to find each other again. Will all three find their answers on "Destiny Road"?



The movie 'Samson' (2018) is based on the story of the Old Testament leader Samson from the Book of Judges. Renowned Dutch actor Rutger Hauer plays a supporting role as Samson's father. 'Samson' was the penultimate film Hauer acted in before his death in July 2019. The premiere of this exciting Christian action movie was on March 13, 2020, at Cinema The Movies in Dordrecht. The audience was highly impressed with the film. View their reactions here In the year 1170 BC, Israel is a nation under duress. The people are constantly suffering from the incursions of their archenemy, the Philistines. Then God calls Samson. He endows him with supernatural strength to defeat his enemies. After several impressive triumphs, it turns out that his character has not grown with his physical strength. His future is jeopardized when he is betrayed by a Philistine prince and falls for the temptations of a beautiful woman. He is imprisoned and tortured. Then he calls to God one more time and his last effort becomes his greatest victory.


8.Book of Daniel

Following the fall of Jerusalem, in 605 BC, Daniel is held captive by king Nebuchadnezzar. But Daniel works his way up and becomes one of the king's key advisors. His appointment causes resentment to the members of the king's court. So, they force Daniel to choose between his faith in God and his faith in the king. Daniel chooses God, putting his life in serious danger. Fortunately, God shows mercy and Daniel is saved.


9.Book of Esther

Esther is a Jewish woman who is selected to marry the Persian king Xerxes. Their union ignites a power struggle between Esther's uncle Mortdecai and king Xerxes' advisor Haman. It's no secret that the evil advisor of the king is planning to annihilate all Jews. Esther takes it upon herself to expose Haman and save the Jewish people.


10.The Penitent Thief

The Penitent Thief is the story of the two unnamed men who were crucified alongside Jesus and how they came to be beside him on the cross that fateful day. The Penitent Thief is an epic story that begins with the journey of the Magi and their chance meeting with young Dismas and his brother Jotham at the manger in Bethlehem. Soon after, the young brothers will suffer an unspeakable tragedy that results in them being taken in by a band of thieves with a penchant for violence. There, they meet Gestas, another young man who will share their fate. Together, on their journey to the cross, they will try to outrun their destiny. But first, they must survive a ruthless Roman centurion who threatens to unleash a terrible revenge on them. Along the way, they frequently cross paths with Jesus and other influential biblical figures. But they will soon find that there is no escape from the brutal end that awaits them all on Golgotha.



When the students of Rosewood High School lose their theater, music and dance departments due to budgets cuts, they create their own. Struggling to find the right script, music & choreography the students get advice from an uncommon source; the Bible! Each student becomes uniquely influenced as they discover that God takes them personally. Equipped with unique talents, they bond together to prepare the perfect production by exploring the diversity of parables taught in the Bible.


12.Miss Kirsten, Het Kerstverhaal

Miss Kirsten is a theatrical, flamboyant aunt who imagines herself in 1900, while it is actually the here and now. She loves tea and stories read to her by Randy. Randy is a simple, yet wise man, who -according to Miss Kirsten- showed up one day. She felt sorry for him and decided to keep him. She longs for a marriage proposal, which Randy doesn't seem to fully grasp. Randy reads her the Christmas story from the Bible.


13.The Gospel of Luke


14.The insanity of God


15.The Prayer Circle




17.Light up Night

Based on the Book of Ruth, Naomi's sons and husband have died and left her alone. Daughter-in-law, Ruth, vows to never leave her side. They face the challenges of a life on their own as they journey back to Naomi's home in West Virginia.


18.Elly Vertelt

If you liked Elly en Rikkert, you'll love Elly vertelt! In each episode of this faith-filled series, Elly reads a part of a well-known Christian children's book. Watch the whole series to enjoy your favourite story read out loud by Elly and her iconic voice!


19.Ryan Defrates: Geheim agent

Ryan is a stubborn young spy who always insists on working alone, even though it’s dangerous for him. So, his mum does something really drastic to help him stay out of trouble: she joins his team! Although Ryan really dislikes the idea of solving cases with his mum, he soon realises that they make an unbeatable team! A powerful animated series that aims to teach children the importance of respect, cooperation, and unconditional love.



‘Rivka’ is a 12-episode series that tells the story of a Christian woman living in Palestine in the 1st century AD. Set in the time of the Neronian persecution, the series highlights how empowering faith can be for people and for communities, especially in life-threatening situations. But above all, it reminds us that thanks to Him, we don’t need to be afraid of anyone and anything. A wonderful, binge-worthy series that will inspire and uplift you!


21.Faith Happens

Heights Community Church has a diverse and vibrant congregation. But one thing that the lives of all its members have in common is extreme hardship. From domestic abuse to cancer, from family estrangement to deportation, each member carries their own cross. Through faith, they all find the answer to a burning question that each one of them has: why me? A must-see Christian series that reminds us the importance of community, family and faith.


22.The Chosen

The Chosen is the first-ever multi-season series about Jesus. The funds for its production have been raised through multiple crowdfunding campaigns. So far, two seasons of it have been produced; the first one is already available for streaming on New Faith Network! Are you ready for some serious binge-watching?


23.Touched by an Angel

Things are busy at God's office... With too many people being in need of some guidance in life, He decides that immediate action is needed... So, he sends Monica, an angel, to help them. But, life on earth is definitely a mess, and people are not willing to listen... Will Monica be able to persuade them to live by God's message?


24.Daily Bread

Ready to watch something powerful? Daily Bread tells the story of five millennial women who are trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. All they have is faith and each other. Will God help them face their fears and rebuild civilisation?


25.Torchlighters UK/IR

Have you ever considered how many things us, modern Christians, take for granted? All thanks to those Christians who fought in order for us to be able to express our religious beliefs today. 'Torchlighters: Heroes of the Faith' tells the incredible stories of several famous Christians, whose words and actions changed the world. In this series, we get to learn the stories of Christlike people, like Harriet Tubman and Corrie ten Boom.



In a world dominated by a corrupt and greedy church, only one small nail is needed, one well-written scripture and one monk with a sharp tongue to turn everything upside down! Although Martin Luther did not intend to initiate the Reformation with his 95 theses, his realization that salvation is from faith and not from works ignited the revolution. He would change the world with that. Does Luther have the courage to stand firm now that Pope Leo X is chasing and fighting him on every occasion - even if that means his death?


27.Chi Rho

The show follows the adventures of a young boy named Corbin and his friends as they travel back in time to various biblical events. Guided by a magical time-traveling device called the "Chi Rho," Corbin and his friends learn important life lessons while witnessing key moments from the Bible. Through their experiences, they gain a deeper understanding of faith, friendship, and the values taught in the biblical stories. The series combines entertainment with educational elements, offering young viewers an engaging and accessible way to learn about religious history and moral principles.


28.Theo - God's Liefde

The story of Theo, a teacher of God's Word. Theo lives on the edge of a beautiful English village, together with his two mouse friends, Belfry and Luther, a cheerful blue thrush and a number of colorful characters. In each episode, Theo explores an important Biblical subject, such as faith, obedience, and forgiveness. The beautiful animations bring Bible stories and practical examples to life, encouraging children to learn more about the Christian faith. In a time when children are overwhelmed with all media information and it is not always easy to acquaint them with the core aspects of the Christian faith, Theo is a wonderful tool to educate children in God's Word.


29.Videodiary persecution


30.Is Genesis History?

Explore the world to see how it intersects with the stories related in Genesis. Del Tackett hikes through canyons, climbs mountains, and dives below the sea to examine two competing views - one compelling truth.


31.Living in the light of gospel


32.The Tenth

For 400 years the Israelites have cried out for God to save them from Egyptian brutality. Now, after generations of persecution, God is beginning to stand in the heavens. The Tenth is about two Israelite slaves, Adinah and Nu, and their new baby boy.


33.Left Behind

Left Behind, starring Nicolas Cage, is a gripping apocalyptic thriller based on Christian beliefs about the Rapture. Cage plays a pilot who experiences the chaos when millions suddenly disappear, believed to be taken to heaven by God, leaving the world in turmoil


34.I Can't Breathe

In a modern story of Job, an over-zealous police officer kills an innocent man, who relies on his faith to overcome many hurdles and struggles after God brings him back to life.


35.Left Behind: The Movie

The Biblical prophecy of Armageddon starts when the Rapture takes all believers in Christ from the Earth instantly. A reporter who is left behind learns that a dangerous entity will soon rise to power.


36.Casper en Emma

Casper and Emma are two best friends who go to school together. Together with their stuffed animals, they embark on all sorts of adventures and learn something new every day. Let them take you along as they discover the world!


37.The Encounter

He is the Alpha and the Omega - blessed are the ones who believe in Him! 'The Encounter' is a series in which Jesus appears in the modern world, in order to save people from sin. Will they recognise and follow Him? Starring Bruce Marchiano, this Christian series is guaranteed to keep you glued to your screen.


38.God, Hoe Zit Dat?

Paul Visser answers difficult questions of faith that people struggle with. Is my faith really sincere? What should I do with the God of the Old Testament?


39.Easter: Eyewitness Bible Series

The Easter series is a collection of eight episodes to be watched on each day of Holy Week, starting with Palm Sunday and ending on Easter Sunday.


40.Daniel Series - The Incredible Journey

Daniel, a young Hebrew, was captured, and with the cream of the city’s youth, he was carried off to Babylon as a war hostage, where he remained in exile for the rest of his life. The life of a hostage isn’t easy. But for 70 years, Daniel not only survived but thrived in the most challenging circumstances and through an adventure of faith, intrigue, tyranny and miracles.

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