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Popular adventure films


1.Bob de Bouwer - Megamachines


Scoop, Much and Liftie are all set to help Bob the Builder with his biggest job ever: building a dam and turn an old quarry into a water reservoir for Spring town. Bob asks another builder, Conrad, to help with his Mega Machines with clearing out the quarry. Conrad is secretly jalous that Bob has gotten the contract of building the dam. He wants to tarnish Bob's reputation, so he decided to sabotage the dam. Bob quickly notices something isn't right... and now he and his team will have to do everything they can to save Spring town!


2.Christmas Dress


It's Christmas Eve and Leland Jeppson's hope is gone. Having trouble to get by this winter in his rustic homestead, he at least hoped to give his family an unforgettable Christmas. But with a snowstorm blazing and the train carrying their Christmas presents nowhere to be seen, it seems that Christmas is just going to be another thing they have to live without this year. But when dusk falls, they learn that their presents were mysteriously delivered to a post office in a not-so nearby town. Who is brave enough to brave the storm and deliver the presents to the Jeppsons? Local but half-blinded postman George feels it's his duty and so he takes his son Sidney in an attempt to deliver a Christmas miracle for the Jeppsons. Inspired by a true story.


3.De Christenreis


This animation film is the next success of the eponymous masterwork of John Bunyan. A man named Pilgrim discovers a book, the more he reads it, the more he is convinced of sin and judgement day and a burden starts to weigh on him. Obessed with discovering the truth and escaping his birthtown, the town of destruction, he dares to go beyond the forbidden borders and starts his journey to find a celestial city that is ruled by a good an noble king. On his way he meets friends, but also enemies.


4.Before Your Time


After the loss of their mother, 17-year-old Dylan and his two sisters Samantha and Livie are forced to spend the summer with their aunt Nora while their dad isn't just financially struggling but also emotionally. They hope that a new environment, new friends and new adventures will help them cope. During a garage clean-up, Dylan finds an old shoebox that belonged to his mother containing a bucketlist with things she wanted to do before marrying their dad. Dylan beliefs that these tasks might bring them closer to their mother. They take on the adventure and the teenagers learn about dealing with grief, moving on with life, recovering hope, and the importance of family.


5.Coming Home


15-year-old Ida lives in the city with her mother. She loves her life: she's part of the popular kids in school, she lives to go shopping with her best friend Karoline, and she is a fashion blogger. Untill one day, her mother tells her they're moving. And they're not moving to New York or London, they're moving to an abandoned farm in Northern Norway. Angry at her parents for taking her away from her friends, she hates her new life in the country side. And things take a turn for the worse when her mother forces her to get to know the locals. In her eyes, they're all filthy, without a sence for fashion, and always busy with their horses, something she just can't understand. Ida only sees one way out: to run away. But her life takes a surprising turn when ze meets a horse called Kehilan.


6.Crossroads of Hunter Wilde


Hunter Wilde is the leader of a group Christian survivors after an "EMP attack" (electromagnetic pulse). He's trying to help the community live a normal life. In a world filled with chaos every day means survival. But when the gates to Hell are opened and demons come after the last believers, it gets even worse. Hunter is their main target. If they can break him, the city will follow.


7.Anything is Possible


Nathan's mother unexpectedly flies to Japan to help with the tsunami, but goes missing when a bridge collapses on which she was working. When Nathan overhears a phonecall with his father George, he discovers that George isn't his real dad. Scared to be placed into foster care, 10-year-old Nathan runs away from home. On the streets of Detroit he meets Iraqi vet Miles, and later also the 10-year-old Jesse, who lets Nathan secretly stay in his basement. Jesse's house also has a big piano and when Nathan starts to play, he turns out to be a gifted virtuoso. But when Jesse's mother finds out her son is hiding Nathan in the basement, she reunites him with his father George. But until Child Care Services has sorted out all necessary paperwork, Nathan needs to stay at the orphanage. When the children find out the orphanage will be shut down, they decide to set up a fundraiser in which Nathan plays the star role on the piano. After the big success, Nathan still feels empty with his mother still missing. But - anything is possible?


8.Christmas Child


Christmas is getting closer and closer, and journalist Jack takes his last assignment before the holidays. He is sent to Dallas, but later needs to travel to Clearwater, Texas, because of a mysterious photo he finds in a safety deposit box. Jack dives into the town's mysteries hoping to find out more about his past and his birth. He discovers new secrets, meets family he never even knew existed, and finds a love that never left him.


9.Destiny Road


A film about three different stories, of three different people, all with one goal: finding out how to chart a new direction in life. Frank's story is one about a religious leader becoming obsessed with power, money, and unbridled ambition. He has to choose between the spiritual or the material side of life. Jemeriah's story tells about a young man from a dysfunctional family who learns how to take care of himself on the streets: by stealing. Only a miracle can save him from a mysterious figure. The last story is Elizabeth's story: growing up with an overprotective mother and groomed for the best school and finding the right man, she meets Johnny, falls hopelessly in love and marries him. But while rediscovering life with her new freedom, she and Johnny grow apart and have to find each other again. Will all three find their answers on "Destiny Road"?


10.A Long Way Off

Young Jake Abraham was completely fed up with his father's farm. He wants to go to the big city, and with the help of the donation of his father's legacy, he sets out. On to the "real" life. He buys a nice sports car, enjoys the women and everything that has to do with luxury. It goes well for a long time, but gradually he loses a large part of his money. He falls ashore and also hears that it is going very badly financially on his father's farm. He returns to his family and realizes just in time, which is really important in life.


11.The Bouquet

Two alienated sisters who have grown apart due to their great differences work together towards a common goal in this heartwarming drama. For years, Terri and her idealistic sister Mandy have kept their distance from each other but also from their parents' flower company. However, a tragic event brings both sisters back together. They discover that they need each other to continue their family heritage. Full of romance, humour and hope, this is a moving story about making time for the ones you love.


12.Letters to God

Tyler Doherty is an eight year old boy. He has cancer and fights a brave fight against the debilitating disease every day and fortunately he is surrounded by people who love him. Moreover, he finds extra courage in his rock-solid faith in God. Tyler sees God as his teacher. He formulates his prayers in letters. Every day he writes such a letter and posts it to God. Brady McDaniels, a postman who struggles with all kinds of problems, sees the letters and doesn't really know what to do with them. But as he gets to know Tyler and his mother, grandmother and brother better, Brady realizes what to do with the letters. He makes a decision that will also dramatically change his own life. Letters to God is a story based on true facts about the inspiring effect a child's faith can have on his family, friends and environment.


13.Don't Say My Name

Inspired by true events, Don't Say My Name tells the story of human trafficking survivor Adriana, after she bravely escapes her captors. We'll follow her harrowing journey of survival as she navigates the road to recovery.


14.October Baby

The beautiful Christian American drama film 'October Baby' tells the moving story of Hannah. As a first-year student, she suffers from epilepsy, asthma and depression. When she is about to make her theater debut at the university, she collapses on stage. The psychologist subsequently finds that Hannah is troubled by the feeling that she is always undesirable. Hannah goes in search of where this feeling comes from and finds out that she has been adopted. Her real mother had almost aborted her. After this discovery, Hannah experiences a large number of different emotions from confusion, to anger and despair. When she talks to her friend Jason about this, she decides to look for her biological mother to find answers to her questions in this way. A must see!


15.My Many Sons

Based on the true life story of the legendary college basketball coah Don Meyer. For over 30 years coach Don trained his gifted players in a loving but firm manner. He shaped them to be the best in every possible way. Following a severe road accident Coach Don shows his team the true meaning of perseverance.


16.Anne or Green Gables

Matthew Cuthbert and his sister Marilla decide to adopt an orphan boy who can go and help on the farm. Matthew, who is starting to get older, can use this help well. Instead of a boy, however, they unexpectedly get the girl Anne Shirley. Anne is a real dreamer and in the beginning it clashes quite a bit with Marilla. However, she agrees that Anne can remain on condition that she makes sure that she does not get into trouble. Anne gets in trouble. She falls off the roof, sinks through the ice and in this way makes the life of Matthew and Marilla a lot more restless. However, they also discover that their life has become a lot richer after Anne's arrival.


17.Save the Mill

Smashed windows, a destroyed hedge and a broken mill wheel; despite mysterious destruction to his old mill, the bad-tempered grandfather Fellinger does not hesitate to sell it. Leon and Luisa, who have just come to live in the neighborhood, feel the same way... German children's book This feature film is based on the children's book 'Verteidigt die Mühle' by Eckart zur Nieden. It is a fun and exciting detective film, in which the themes of honesty, guilt and forgiveness are addressed in a good way. The film is spoken in German, but the subtitles are in Dutch.


18.Lucky's Treasure

Emily Landis goes to college with the understanding her life will change. But she did not expect that it would be so difficult! Leaving her friends behind, moving from the city to the countryside, attending lectures and having her grandfather as a housemate are a big challenge. But she soon discovers that Grandpa Henry also expects her to take care of Lucky, the horse that belonged to her late grandmother. Despite her desire to shine the light of Christ into the world of her grieving grandfather, it looks bleak for Emily. Until she meets Jake, a boy who wants to help her find her feet on campus and on the farm, much to the displeasure of his ex-girlfriend. When Emily discovers that her grandmother died looking for hidden treasures at the family's farm, she and Jake try to find the legendary and rare gold coin. A heart-warming story about faith, love, adventure and intrigue.


19.A Promise to Astrid

Astrid is an elderly lady who roams around the neighbourhood. The local community deems her to be somewhat of an unconventional character. But they are unaware of the fact that Astrid is a selfless individual with an incredible gift destined for a greater purpose. After a car accident the Tourville family is at a loss. Luckily for them Astrid comes to their aid. Based on a true story that was initially published as a novel written by Mike Tourville. The writer actually experienced the story with his family! A heartfelt film about generosity and kindness.


20.Dog Jack

During the era of the American Civil War the 14-year-old slave Jed manages to escape the plantation he grew up on, along with his dog Jack. He travels up north with the intention of joining the Union Army, while being pursued by ruthless slave-catchers. But Jed's trials and tribulations do not end when he enlists in the army. His extraordinary journey leads to a face-to-face confrontation, on the battlefield, with his former slave master. The film is adapted from the eponymous novel written by Florence W. Biros, based on true events. A powerful story that features the act of forgiveness through the power of God.


21.Me Again

To an outsider Pastor Richard Chaplin's life seems ideal with a beautiful family and a rewarding occupation. However, Pastor Richard is experiencing inner turmoil and is failing to see the many blessings God brought him. He wishes to live the life of someone else and...his wish actually comes true. He takes over the lives of various people within his community, learning that 'the grass isn't always greener'. Will Pastor Richard be able to take control of his own life? A refreshing faith-based comedy underscoring the importance of thankfulness.


22.Discarded Things

Grace Wyatt is a successful music therapist and happily married - until her husband is killed in a car accident. Driven but ready to get her life back on track, she arrives at Devlin House. She will help the Devlins to care for young people who have all been injured. Along the way, we get a glimpse of Grace's childhood and upbringing that left deep marks in her life. The vulnerable young people and her conversations with God give her strength to deal with her past. She also makes an unexpected discovery...



Aron causes an accident at night time. Whilst drunk, he runs over a young woman and decides to flee in a panic. Along the way, he is picked up by an old painter, who lets him spend the night. During his stay, Aron has to face his guilt in various ways. When he expresses all his frustration and guilt onto a white canvas at night, he suddenly has a choice: will he continue to flee, or can he forgive himself?


24.Maggie's Passage

Maggie is an 18 year-old girl who leaves her adopted Christian home after her father’s tragic death. Trying to fill a void in her life, Maggie feels the need to locate her birth mother. What she finds is not what she hoped for. Maggie finds a mother that does not love her or want her. Maggie gets caught up in this woman’s world. After a few months enough becomes enough and when all hope is lost, one desperate night she reaches her breaking point. In a rage, she releases her frustrations by destroying the seedy hotel room that has been her home. At her feet falls a Bible, and it is then she realizes that there is only one thing that can break the bondage she is in and that is Jesus Christ our Savior.


25.The secret Handshake

Roy lives an ordinary suburban life with his wife and three daughters. But he finds things a little mundane and wants a change. When a boy named Brody tries to turn Roy’s oldest daughter’s life upside down, he finds that he has to help this boy become a man. Roy and his two friends of 20 years are going to take Brody on a camping trip to show this youngster the importance of becoming a man. But along the way the three men learn something about themselves and find that there are a few things this young boy can teach them.


26.Finding Grace

A troubled teenage girl’s life is turned upside down when she is forced to provide community service in a retirement home. As she develops a close friendship with one of the residents, she learns that giving is greater than receiving and she is forever changed when she discovers the power of family, hope, and faith through the strength of her devoted single father.



Disclaimer: Attention! This film is about the topic of abortion and is anything but a feel-good movie. Some images may be experienced as extremely intense. Therefore, definitely do not watch this with children. Story: Abby Johnson wants nothing more than to help women. As one of the youngest directors of an abortion clinic in the US, she is involved in thousands of abortions and provides advice to at least as many women who are unsure whether their choice is the right one. Abby is deeply convinced of every woman's right to self-determination during pregnancy. But then she sees something that turns her life upside down and changes everything.



David is a teenager who is ashamed of his adoption. A serious illness and the subsequent surgery make him think about family. Then he turns 18 and receives a letter from his biological mother, Melissa. She wants to meet him. David considers the request and ultimately decides to accept it. He also wants to meet his biological father, Brian. David thinks that learning their stories will help him put his life into the right context. Also watch [I Lived on Parker Avenue](video/1-0-i-lived-on-parker-avenue). The true story that the movie Lifemark is based on.


29.God's not Dead 4

Pastor Dave is called upon to defend a group of Christian homeschooling families. Surprised by the government's interference, and believing that their right to educate their children is a freedom worth fighting for, Pastor Dave heads to Washington D.C. to testify before a hearing that will affect the future of religious freedom for years to come. Driven by his deep-rooted faith and determination, he takes the stage to argue his case, aware that the future of many families is at stake.


30.Caroline, Coco en de Wilde Neushoorn

One day, a matchbox arrives in Caroline's world. It turns out there's a girl inside who looks just like Caroline. Her name is Coco, and she is a princess in a land where chocolate grows on trees. Caroline and her friends would love to go there. Grandpa knows Africa like the back of his hand, so everyone takes off in his airplane towards Coco's land. The little hot-headed rhinoceros also flies along because he doesn't want to stay behind. Join an adventure filled with friendship and help Caroline, Coco, and their friends overcome the challenges of being small.


31.Sepp de Wolvenvriend

Discover the captivating story of Sepp, who lives high in the mountains and thoroughly enjoys nature and the simple life on his parents' goat farm. Sepp has a unique gift for dealing with animals; his best friend is a goat with whom he performs all sorts of fun tricks, and even a wolf becomes his pal. However, when his father, on the way to the village to sell his delicious cheeses, has an accident, everything changes. The homemade cheeses fall from the wagon and end up in the river. A prosperous merchant, who happens to be fishing with his son, discovers the cheeses and considers them a true gift from heaven. The events turn Sepp's life upside down. Experience the twists in the story as Sepp navigates these challenges and discovers the meaning of true friendship.


32.God & Salsa

This movie addresses various challenging topics, including divorce, suicide, and guilt. The story connects several well-known actors. Raquel Cortez is the lead therapist at a clinic, and she has experienced her own significant loss - her daughter committed suicide. A teenage boy named Shane is sent to her after he attempted suicide by taking multiple pills. He is depressed because his parents, Matt and Monica, are getting divorced. Monica tells her children, Shane and Amanda, that everything is their father's fault. However, we learn that this is not true.


33.Royal Ashes

At nineteen, Paul Royal finds himself being both mother and father to his four younger siblings including a teenage brother with severe autism. With little more than a high school job in a diner, his dream of becoming a chef is sidelined by mounting debts and problems at home. Living a life he never asked for, Paul is overwhelmed and alone until a new girl moves in next door with a message of faith and hope, but it may be too late. Paul's only way of keeping his family together may be to leave them all behind.


34.Mayberry Man

Chris Stone is an arrogant and slick B-list actor who has been arrested for speeding in the town of Mayberry. As an alternative punishment, he is sentenced to participate in the Mayberry Festival, a festival where the town's residents celebrate "The Andy Griffith Show," dress up as characters from the show, and enjoy a week of festivities and fun. Chris initially tries to escape, but over time, the positive atmosphere in Mayberry begins to influence him. Can Chris become a better person by fully embracing the Mayberry Festival?


35.Selfie Dad

Spiraling into a mid-life crisis and feeling disconnected from his family, reality-TV editor Ben Marcus thinks he can only be happy by fulfilling his dream of becoming a professional comedian. He posts his stand-up routines to YouTube, and the videos fall flat. Then his tween son posts Ben miserably failing on a house-improvement project, and much to his teenage daughter's dismay, it goes viral, launching Ben's social-media career as Selfie Dad.


36.End of the Spear


37.The Reliant

When chaos strikes, can God carry us through? That's the question Sophie and her family are faced with when anarchy overtakes the nation and Sophie has to take care of and protect her siblings.


38.Wish You Well

After a family tragedy, a young girl and her little brother return from New York to live with their grandmother in rural Virginia. Slowly, she starts to understand her father. She also discovers herself, the love of a family and the power of true believing.


39.Do You Believe?

If a pastor is touched by the faith of a street preacher, he is reminded that faith always requires action. If he then puts this lesson into practice himself, it will not be without consequences. The lives of various people cross each other and each of them discovers step by step the power of the cross of Christ.


40.The Wedding Chapel

Artist Sarah is newly single again, and she's trying to focus on her own happiness. She wants nothing more than to escape from all her problems. So, she decides to visit her hometown and stay at her mother's. Out of the blue, she finds herself involved in a mission to save the local church, which runs the risk of shutting its doors forever. 'The Wedding Chapel' is a story about love, forgiveness and new beginnings.


41.Shake Off the World

Austin's life is ideal; he's a popular football jock who is dating a beautiful girl and has a stable family life. His life is turned upside down following a dispute with his football coach. This prompts him to move to a different school. Austin feels lost in his new environment, but is taken in by a Christian youth group called 'The Warriors for Christ'. He changes for the better and learns that even when everything seems lost, he will always have his faith in God. A thoughtful faith-based teen film that underlines the true values of life. The story is based on real-life events.


42.Prayer Box

The Prayer Box is a beautifully tragic story about what happens when God doesn't intervene the way people want him to. Following the story of a young boy who sets off on a mission to get God's attention in hopes that God will heal his sister from terminal cancer. The young boy begins answering the prayers left by church members in the pastor's prayer box after the pastor throws them away.


43.Christmas Cupcakes

With their family bakery facing foreclosure, two sisters must team-up to try and save it by entering a TV baking competition.


44.Anne of Green Gables 2

When Anne Shirley turns thirteen, she faces complex issues with her friends, inspiring adults and an escalating friendship with Gilbert. Her free-spirited nature is challenged by her perceived need to become sensible.



After graduation, Cheo dreams of making it big as a DJ. But several creative differences with his best friend prevent him from setting the world on fire.


46.The Assignment

Eliza's dream has always been to get into a top music school. But the first step in the audition of her dreams entails writing an essay about her family's history. Eliza's world is turned upside down when she realises that her family is not the one she thought it was... Fortunately, her history teacher, a veteran, can help her navigate the process.


47.The Maltese holiday

Two single travelers journey to Malta in search of adventure, and find love along the way.


48.Casper en Emma - De Bergen In

It's vacation time. Casper's father has booked an adventurous stay at a park in the mountains. Casper and Emma try to set Emma's mother up with a nice mountain guide.


49.Ray of Hope

The powerful story of a couple whose hopes of having a child went from infertility, to a miracle, to tragedy.


50.Play the Flute

Faced with an indifferent youth group, a new youth Pastor tries to motivate his students to read God's Word and get serious about their faith.

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