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Changing Hearts

James Reed enjoys a good Californian life. He has a successful career and a lovely girlfriend. Then he receives a phonecall that turns his world upside down. His father suffered a stroke, and he is being summoned home. For James, home means a family-run bed & breakfast. A place he left many years ago in order to have his own life and escape the troubled relationship he has with his brother, Tom, after they both fell in love with the same woman. It doesn't seem to get any better when his brother Tom still blames him for leaving and hence giving his dad too much work pressure leading up to his stroke, as well as the bed & breakfast being in financial troubles. When James' dad dies, he needs to make a tough decision whether or not he's going to go back to his Californian life, or stays to fullfil a family duty.
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This is a truly beautiful movie with excellent performances.

Changing Hearts

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