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1.Bottled with Love


Abbey is a career-focused executive from Boston who, in a moment of impulsiveness, decides to pour her feelings out and admit her desire to find love in an anonymous letter she seals in a bottle and tosses into Boston Harbor. Several months later, the bottle washes ashore in Maine and is found by Nick, who is the son of the CEO of Everett Valley Farms - the company where Abbey works. When Nick is called home to help with his father's company, he decides to contact the mystery woman with the only information he has - an email. Without knowing each other's identity, Abbey and Nick begin an online relationship which becomes a budding romance. At the same time, they are forced to work together in real life and clearly don't get along.


2.Behind the Movement


On December 1st 1955, in Montgomery Alabama, Rosa Parks made history on a public bus by defying the racial segregation laws. Her bravery initiated the Montgomery Bus Boycott organised by Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. The movement brought together a number of everyday individuals who showed extraordinary courage by taking a stand for their civil rights and call for equality. This films tells an inspiring and poignant story, based on historical events, that shows the power of faith, courage and community.


3.Cross Purposes


Andrew Morrison is a medical student with only one purpose in life: Stanford. Awaiting his acceptance to Stanford, he takes on a job in a hospital. Easy, and temporary. But on his first day on the job he gets overwhelmed by everything around him. Especially his new patient Jamie, a 16-year-old boy battling a terminal brain cancer. The more time Andrew spends caring for Jamie, the more they bond with each other. And so Jamie teaches Andrew to be less shortsighted, while Andrew offers Jamie the fun and companionship he so desperately needs during his fight against this disease.




Sean Weathers is a successful dirt track driver, as well as a single parent to Gracie. He's at the top of his career, has tons of fans, and his daughter Gracie is his biggest supporter. But when the new and talented Ray Reed threatens to take over his number 1 position, Sean makes a decision that will later change the lifes of two families completely. Champion is a film about forgiveness, love for the people around you, and the importance of looking ahead in your life instead of focusing on what happened in the past.


5.Changing Hearts


James Reed enjoys a good Californian life. He has a successful career and a lovely girlfriend. Then he receives a phonecall that turns his world upside down. His father suffered a stroke, and he is being summoned home. For James, home means a family-run bed & breakfast. A place he left many years ago in order to have his own life and escape the troubled relationship he has with his brother, Tom, after they both fell in love with the same woman. It doesn't seem to get any better when his brother Tom still blames him for leaving and hence giving his dad too much work pressure leading up to his stroke, as well as the bed & breakfast being in financial troubles. When James' dad dies, he needs to make a tough decision whether or not he's going to go back to his Californian life, or stays to fullfil a family duty.


6.Confessions of a Prodigal Son


Sean grew up in church being a pastor's son. When he gets tired of all the preaching and the rules to live by, he rebels and leaves for college to figure live out on his own. During his journey to find the answers to life, he's being challenged by one of is professors to see his life as a story, making him question everything he thought he knew. This, together with a friend walking down a dangerous path, and a beautiful young woman on her own spiritual journey, makes Sean think better about the decisions he is making. Just when his dad talks about missing his son and God's love during one of his sermons, a miracle appears to happen. This is a story about drama, happiness, relationships, faith and redemption.


7.Diamond in the Rough


Michelle, a young teen in Colorado, loses her faith amidst extreme hardships and brief homelessness. With a mother battling drug and alcohol addiction since she was little, and a war veteran father battling extreme PTSD, violence and dysfunction are the norm. It's easy to say that Michelle starts each morning with a disadvantage on life. But her grandmother remains strong in her faith and prays for Michelle everyday. And when she meets a new friend in school, Maki, who knows what it feels like to be homeless, things are starting to look better for Michelle. But will it give Michelle enough strength to get her life back on track?


8.Christmas in Carolina


After losing her parents in a car accident the year before, driven financial banker Elle doesn't look forward to Christmas. And when her only sister is unconveniently living in the UK and her cousing decides to travel for Christmas, Elle plans to dive into work to get her through the holidays. But when her cousin Blythe sets up a blind-date for her, and doesn't take no for an answer, Elle meets Wesley, old NBA-player and now CEO of a marketing firm. Seeing him a few times, she carefully admits feelings are starting to develop. And when he invites her to spend Christmas with his family in South Carolina, they fall hopelessly in love, and Elle gets back all hope for Christmas.

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