Dating films

Movies in which a couple goes in search of true love and goes on dates to find it.
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Popular dating films


1.Civil Love


Rachel Taylor becomes a widow after her Union soldier husband gets killed by Confederate soldiers during the Civil War. While Rachel needs to continue without her husband, and as the fighting goes on, she finds a wounded, Confederate soldier in her barn. Despite the soldier being her enemy, Rachel decides to do the Christian thing and starts taking care of the soldier and attends his wounds. All the while he's still being haunted by the marshal. At the same time, Rachel's brother-in-law Jonathan always fancied her and even wants to marry her. So far, Rachel has been reluctant to his proposal. When Rachel starts to develop feelings for her wounded soldier, Jonathan strongly disagrees. When troubles start coming from all sides, Rachel must find the strength to do what's right, to protect her family, and to open her heart again for love.


2.Belle and the Beast - A Christian Romance


Beauty and the Beast, but with a twist! Eric is a man shrouded in mystery. Across the country, he's known as "The Beast" for his wicked ways. But when Belle, who is patient and kind, is forced to work for him, she decides to dig deeper. Will she open his heart and discover the truth about him? An inspiring story about faith, forgiveness and love.


3.Bottled with Love


Abbey is a career-focused executive from Boston who, in a moment of impulsiveness, decides to pour her feelings out and admit her desire to find love in an anonymous letter she seals in a bottle and tosses into Boston Harbor. Several months later, the bottle washes ashore in Maine and is found by Nick, who is the son of the CEO of Everett Valley Farms - the company where Abbey works. When Nick is called home to help with his father's company, he decides to contact the mystery woman with the only information he has - an email. Without knowing each other's identity, Abbey and Nick begin an online relationship which becomes a budding romance. At the same time, they are forced to work together in real life and clearly don't get along.


4.Bridal Wave


Georgie is engaged to Dr. Phillip, a well-renowed plastic surgeon. Georgie's mother planned her entire wedding: from the dress, to the resort, to the activities. When Georgie is traveling with her parents to their wedding location, she meets the handsome Luke. While she keeps running into him, she find out they actually have a lot in common. Much more than she does with Phillip, causing her to start doubting her decision of marriage. Will Georgie continue with the wedding and marry Phillip, who can offer her the stability and finances? Or will she follow her heart and choose the man who truly understands her?


5.Christmas Angel


Olivia Mead has one big wish for her mother Melinda, and that is for her to find a new husband that she is also proud to call 'dad'. Olivia and her mom live next to a dilapidated house that seems abandoned, and when Olivia notices time on time again that people's wishes done before the house are coming true, she decides to take her shot. She wishes for her mom to find her new man. It doesn't take long before a handsome doctor walks into her mother's life. Meanwhile, Olivia also discovers that the house isn't actually abandoned but that an old lady called Elsie lives there. They develop a friendship as Elsie teaches the little girl to put her faith in God. Can Elsie be the christmas angel that makes all the wishes come true?


6.Anything for Love


Katherine is a successful real estate agent with a boring life. She decides to create a profile on a dating website, but hides her career. Nurse Jack also wants to be happy in love, but finds that he can't compete with all de real doctors out there, so he changes his profession on his profile into doctor to get a higher chance at success. When Katherine and Jack match, they slowly start to get to know one another. But are they getting to know the real Katherine and Jack? And for how long are they able to hide their true identities?


7.Appetite for Love


Mina has a good life: the perfect boyfriend who has their life together all figured out, and a good job at a big corporate. But when her boss sends her back to her hometown in Tennesse with the task of persuading a stubborn restaurant owner to sell his land to them, her life gets turned upside down. That stubborn owner, just passed his restaurant to nobody other than her high school sweetheart Clay. And he is not excited about the idea of already selling his restaurant. Mina tries to persuade him still, but sparks start flying again.


8.Banking on Christmas


Even though Jack would rather cook, he's now running an old car garage while taking care of his old and grumpy father. The garage has been a family legacy and he feels that it's his duty to uphold it. But when he enters the bank on December 23rd to ask for a loan for his garage, he gets locked up in the bank's vault with Rosalind, a loan officer at the bank. Rosalind also dreams of doing something else with her life: being a stand-up comedian. They are stuck together in the vault for a few days and have to put all their christmas plans aside while only having each other to pull through untill the rescue. After their liberation from the vault, love, romance, and new chances are waiting for them both.


9.Changing Hearts


James Reed enjoys a good Californian life. He has a successful career and a lovely girlfriend. Then he receives a phonecall that turns his world upside down. His father suffered a stroke, and he is being summoned home. For James, home means a family-run bed & breakfast. A place he left many years ago in order to have his own life and escape the troubled relationship he has with his brother, Tom, after they both fell in love with the same woman. It doesn't seem to get any better when his brother Tom still blames him for leaving and hence giving his dad too much work pressure leading up to his stroke, as well as the bed & breakfast being in financial troubles. When James' dad dies, he needs to make a tough decision whether or not he's going to go back to his Californian life, or stays to fullfil a family duty.


10.Chocolate Covered Christmas


Sadie grew up in the chocolate shop of her parents. Ever since she was a little girl she dreamed about taking over the shop one day. Now Sadie is a twenty-something-year-old who has a successful career in advertising. When her boyfriend cancels their holiday plans she decides to go back to her hometown. There she sadly discovers that her parents sold their store to Alex, a young man that doesn't know anything about chocolate. Reluctantly, Sadie agrees on teaching the new owner everything she knows about chocolate. But when she meets the handsome new owner, that task doesn't seem as bad anymore. But can Sadie and Alex keep things sweet when things take a bitter turn?


11.Christmas at Maple Creek


Diana is a romance novelist and a true romantic herself. When she finds out the little charming town Maple Creek is having trouble, she decides to help out. She organizes a Christmas ball in theme of the pioneers of the past. Here she meets Carter, blackmsith and town historian, and sparks start flying. But when her secret crush comes to visit, Diana needs to decide where her heart truly lies.


12.Christmas Child


Christmas is getting closer and closer, and journalist Jack takes his last assignment before the holidays. He is sent to Dallas, but later needs to travel to Clearwater, Texas, because of a mysterious photo he finds in a safety deposit box. Jack dives into the town's mysteries hoping to find out more about his past and his birth. He discovers new secrets, meets family he never even knew existed, and finds a love that never left him.


13.Christmas in Carolina


After losing her parents in a car accident the year before, driven financial banker Elle doesn't look forward to Christmas. And when her only sister is unconveniently living in the UK and her cousing decides to travel for Christmas, Elle plans to dive into work to get her through the holidays. But when her cousin Blythe sets up a blind-date for her, and doesn't take no for an answer, Elle meets Wesley, old NBA-player and now CEO of a marketing firm. Seeing him a few times, she carefully admits feelings are starting to develop. And when he invites her to spend Christmas with his family in South Carolina, they fall hopelessly in love, and Elle gets back all hope for Christmas.


14.Destiny Road


A film about three different stories, of three different people, all with one goal: finding out how to chart a new direction in life. Frank's story is one about a religious leader becoming obsessed with power, money, and unbridled ambition. He has to choose between the spiritual or the material side of life. Jemeriah's story tells about a young man from a dysfunctional family who learns how to take care of himself on the streets: by stealing. Only a miracle can save him from a mysterious figure. The last story is Elizabeth's story: growing up with an overprotective mother and groomed for the best school and finding the right man, she meets Johnny, falls hopelessly in love and marries him. But while rediscovering life with her new freedom, she and Johnny grow apart and have to find each other again. Will all three find their answers on "Destiny Road"?


15.Bookworm and The Beast

Izzy is ready to make a difference in the world as she starts her career in public relations. When Grant Beiste - a famous big-headed corporate celebrity in town - tries to buy her father's farm, Izzy decides to capture Grant's blackmail and expose him. While Grant tries to get away from her, he can't brake on time and hits her father with his car, sending him to the hospital with severe internal bleedings. Grant tries to make a deal with Izzy: if she deletes her footage of him, he will stop his attempts to take over the farm. Izzy agrees, and while she fights to save both her father and Grant's public image, she falls in love and learns not to judge a book by it's cover.


16.Love's Sweet Recipe

Courtney is a chef who runs her family's restaurant. Armed with a family heirloom her father left behind called the "Rule Book of Love" to guide the way. Handsome Jake is there to help, and she finds love in a place she least expected.

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