Mini series

Also called Short series, these are short series of often short episodes. The miniseries on New Faith Network are all edited by the editors so that you can enjoy Christian-friendly content carefree.

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Popular mini series


1.Small Miracles

In this heartwarming miniseries, two charismatic narrators guide us through several stories of people who have been touched by God in the most spectacular ways. Based on actual events, ‘Small Miracles’ reminds us that sometimes reality exceeds fiction and encourages us to keep an eye out for the small miracles in our own lives.


2.The Dark

Do you ever imagine what the End Times would be like? 'The Dark' is a fictional 5-episode miniseries, which explores this theological concept. We meet Pastor Peter Braxton, whose wife has died and his son has been taken by the Antichrist himself, and we watch him battle infidel criminals and mercenaries as they search for other believers.



In the program OverWinnaars, Gerald Troost meets people who use their dark past to now bring light into the lives of others.


4.Liefde van mijn leven

"Love of My Life" is a romantic program where singer Gerald Troost takes center stage. He visits couples before their wedding, listens to their love story, and creates a personalized song based on their experiences. Troost's song is then performed during the wedding ceremony, creating a unique and intimate atmosphere. This program captures the magic of love and music in a special way.


5.Sonja & Jan online

During the coronavirus pandemic, Sonja Silva and Jan van den Bosch recorded this online talk show together. How do other people experience the pandemic. And what does God mean to them at this time?


6.Jan zoekt Verbinding

An inspiring program that was broadcast during the coronavirus period. In this program, Jan van den Bosch used the power of modern technology, namely a Zoom connection, to engage in deep conversations with well-known Christians. The focus was on discovering how these prominent Christians experienced the challenging period of the pandemic. Through candid and personal dialogues, Jan van den Bosch wanted to understand how the guests coped with these uncertain times and whether their faith in God was a source of strength and comfort for them.


7.Videodagboek Opwekking 2023

In collaboration with Opwekking, a new contemplation can be viewed every day towards Pentecost. These are provided by the speakers who will also speak during the Opwekking conference. They all speak on the theme: But we see Jesus This theme can be found in the letter to the Hebrews 2:9 (HSV), which refers to the fact that Jesus has gone ahead of us in the plan that God has for us. Although we still see the brokenness in our own lives and in the world around us that is the result of the Fall, we may turn our eyes to Him who is crowned with glory and honor. When we see Jesus, we gain a clear perspective on life, others, and ourselves. We see the unrest and uncertainty around us - and what this does to ourselves: how we too can become anxious and worried, or convinced of our own right and rigid in our opinion. At the same time, we know that everything is in God's hands, and that we are safe. But how clearly do we still see that? The Hebrews writer then says: in the midst of everything, despite everything and through everything, we see Jesus. With a focus on Him, we can live with confidence, in the here and now and towards the future. A life of worship and surrender makes us come to know Him as He is, see more clearly, and serve in a world that needs Jesus. But we see Jesus, because from Him the here and now gets relief and color. But we see Jesus because our perspective on eternity ensures that we always know we are safe. But we see Jesus, because we always become like what we see the most.


8.Doctor Thorne




10.Grenzeloze Genade

In the series 'Boundless Grace', the stories of Dutch volunteers from Mercy Ships are unveiled. This series sheds penetrating light on the experiences, commitment, and profound significance that drive these individuals to devote their time and energy to serving aboard the Mercy Ships, thereby creating a lasting impact in the lives of those they help.


11.What's the Difference

What's The Difference online. In that series, two individuals who have something special in common engage in conversation. And interestingly, one believes in God and the other does not. They respond to various questions, thus working towards that one final question: What's The Difference?

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