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Movies under the spell of horses, set on a farm or at a riding school, beautiful environments with beautiful noble animals.

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Popular horse films


1.A Gift Horse


Amanda, a young and energetic girl, is being torn apart after losing her mother to cancer. She struggles with the fact that her father has a new relationship. To handle this, she spends her time on a ranch owned by a business tycoon. His daughter, Abigail, refuses to appreciate everything she gets from her father. When Abigail rejects her father's new gift, Misty a beautiful but spicy horse, Amanda opens her heart to the horse. Together with an inspiring and loving horse trainer, they prove that the horse is a true champion. During this process new friendships arise and the family ties become closer.


2.Coming Home


15-year-old Ida lives in the city with her mother. She loves her life: she's part of the popular kids in school, she lives to go shopping with her best friend Karoline, and she is a fashion blogger. Untill one day, her mother tells her they're moving. And they're not moving to New York or London, they're moving to an abandoned farm in Northern Norway. Angry at her parents for taking her away from her friends, she hates her new life in the country side. And things take a turn for the worse when her mother forces her to get to know the locals. In her eyes, they're all filthy, without a sence for fashion, and always busy with their horses, something she just can't understand. Ida only sees one way out: to run away. But her life takes a surprising turn when ze meets a horse called Kehilan.


3.De Paardenzomer


A horseriding camp is the best thing there is. At least, that's what Kathy thinks as she dream about it more often than not. The only thing is, her father doesn't allow horseriding after he had a bad rodeo accident himself. Yet, Kathy's dream comes true as she's allowed to go to summercamp. In her room she meets the pretty, popular, but also very mean Stacy, as well as the funny and sweet Lisa. Kathy becomes friends with Lisa. Surprisingly enough, Kathy turns out to be a natural on a horse, making her very popular suddenly and forgetting about her friendship with Lisa. When she finally competes with mean Stacy, she finds out what true friendship actually means.


4.A Horse Called Hope


Sixteen-year-old Lizzy is strong-willed and moody, has lost the trust of her parents, is suspended from school, and needs to refocus on life. Her parents believe a change of environment on her grandmother Mary’s peaceful country ranch will give her the emotional stability that she desperately needs. There she is introduced to a horse that she calls Hope. As Lizzy gains Hope's trust, she finds a purpose she never knew existed and gently nurses him back to health while slowly overcoming her own pain and mixed emotions. A story about hope, love, redemption, and most of all: the power of second chances.


5.A Heartland Christmas

Lou is forced to postpone her Christmas plans after an anonymous call about a herd of horses getting stuck in the Rocky Mountains after an avalanche. Amy and Ty join together on a trip to try and save the horses while making it back in time for Christmas. During rescue attempt they also bring together a village and family, long drifted apart by tragedy. And while grandpa Jack and Amy's dad Tim are waiting for them to return, Caleb and Ashley realise what Christmas is really about. A lovely Christmas special for [all the Heartland-fans]( out there.


6.All Roads Lead Home

When Belle, struggling with the loss of her mom, is sent to live with her grandfather, she soon becomes the savior of all living things! An old race horse and Atticus the dog change Belle's life, and in turn the life of those who love her.



A powerful series for people who love horse movies! In Heartland, we watch the story of Amy, a girl who lives in the 'Heartland' horse ranch, in Virginia. Together with family and friends, Amy tries to help horses that have been abused. But, the special thing about the Heartland ranch is that the people there don't just use tradidional healing methods - they mainly use phychologically based therapies. So, eventually, together with the horses, everyone makes peace with their past, and heals their own traumas.


8.The Cowboy Way - Faith, Hope and Love in the Countryside

Loving horses? Craving a powerful Christian reality series? You need to watch 'The Cowboy Way'. In its ten episodes we meet three Christian cattle ranchers from Alabama, and we watch their stories unfold - stories of faith, hope, love, but also stories of heartbreak and despair. How has their faith helped them navigate life, and what would their advice to all of us be?

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