Movies about the life of Jesus

Films that are about the story of Jesus or where Jesus plays a major role.

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Popular Movies about the life of Jesus


1.7 Days in the Holy Land


Billy Graham's son Franklin visits The Holy Land, Israel. He does so with his daughter Cissie. Together, they travel around Israel to see the locations of many famous Bible stories. Watch God's Word come alive in this special series, filmed in the Holy Land.


2.A Man Called Jon


Jon is a Pastor of a municipality. He's preaching in a very enthusiastic manner when he talks about Jesus and this does not fit everyone in the church. A petition is being held to dismiss Jon as a Pastor. The petition succeeds and Jon is sent to a new church, an African American Church. This church however, despite his quirkiness, welcomes Jon with open arms. However, this new church also brings along new problems for Jon. Follow Jon's spiritual journey in this endearing film about unconditional love and acceptance.


3.Come Follow Me


From the producers of "The Road to Emmaus", this film tells the story of Jesus and his disciples. In particular, you'll find out most about Jesus' relationship with Peter. From the first momen they were called by Jesus - "Come, follow me" - until their conversations after His resurrection where he's telling them to "feed my sheep". Peter, who was always at the forefront, but meanwhile, just like the other disciples, he did not really understand why Jesus was on earth. You will see Peter transform from a fearful denier into a bold leader of the early church. This film is also a great way to introduce the Gospel to friends and family.


4.2nd Chances


After Cameron's best friend Bryson dies in a firework accident, Cameron needs to learn to cope with the guilt he harbors for not being able to safe Bryson. Cameron grew up in a Christian home, but after the death of his best friend he struggles with his faith in the Gospel. He decides to spend the summer with his non-Christian aunt and uncle where he experiences a life-changing event giving him second change at overcoming the passed that broke him. Second Chances is an emotional story about grief, devastation, joy and salvation.


5.The Woodcarver

Matthew Stevenson has trouble accepting his parent's divorce and vents his anger by vandalizing a church. An old and godly widower takes Matthew under his wing to repair the damage, and helps him find faith.


6.Anne of Green Gables 3

Anne is growing up into a young woman. Family, friends and romances throughout the PEI atmosphere. Left for college, there's an emptiness at Green Gables. Trying new and innovative things, Anne makes decisions for her future.


7.In a Silent World

Gifted musician Marshall Lawrence and his wife Terry, a communication professor, were excited to welcome newborn Rachel into their world. But because of Rachel's deafness-they were forced to enter hers.


8.Welcome to Paradise

Reverand Debbie Laramie and her son, Hayden, are forced to move to Paradise, Texas due to the unorthodox methods Debbie uses in her sermons.


9.The Gospel of Luke



‘Rivka’ is a 12-episode series that tells the story of a Christian woman living in Palestine in the 1st century AD. Set in the time of the Neronian persecution, the series highlights how empowering faith can be for people and for communities, especially in life-threatening situations. But above all, it reminds us that thanks to Him, we don’t need to be afraid of anyone and anything. A wonderful, binge-worthy series that will inspire and uplift you!


11.Faith Happens

Heights Community Church has a diverse and vibrant congregation. But one thing that the lives of all its members have in common is extreme hardship. From domestic abuse to cancer, from family estrangement to deportation, each member carries their own cross. Through faith, they all find the answer to a burning question that each one of them has: why me? A must-see Christian series that reminds us the importance of community, family and faith.


12.The Chosen

The Chosen is the first-ever multi-season series about Jesus. The funds for its production have been raised through multiple crowdfunding campaigns. So far, two seasons of it have been produced; the first one is already available for streaming on New Faith Network! Are you ready for some serious binge-watching?


13.Touching Wild Horses

After a car accident that claimed his father and sister's lives and left his mother in a coma, a boy is sent to live with his reclusive aunt on Sable Island, a world-renowned wild horse preserve.


14.The Reliant

When chaos strikes, can God carry us through? That's the question Sophie and her family are faced with when anarchy overtakes the nation and Sophie has to take care of and protect her siblings.


15.Lonesome Dove Church

John Shepherd is an itinerant preacher with dreams of building his own church. When his estranged son Isaac is accused of robbery and murder, John puts his faith and future on the line by coming to Isaac's defense, facing off against a cold- blooded killer in a guns-blazing stand for redemption.


16.God, Get us to Romania

Based on a true story. In 1991 a preacher, his wife, and six children, flew from Washington State to Portugal, and then by trains to Romania. This resulted in one comical calamity after another. But when they crossed into Eastern Europe, it became like a tense roller coaster ride. And at the border of Romania there is an unexpected ending.


17.When Hope Calls: Behind the Scenes

Kevin McGarry takes you behind the scenes on the series When Hope Calls! What is this When Calls the Heart spin-off series about? Who are the characters? Get to know Lillian and Grace, the handsome cowboy Chuck and the new mountie Gabriel in this special.


18.5 Years of NFN

It's been five years since New Faith Network first launched - five years filled with faith, hope, and love! Let's take a walk down memory lane and celebrate quality Christian entertainment!


19.Beautiful One

A young woman who has always believed she is not pretty enough, embarks on a journey to prove she is beautiful and in doing so, finds out what true beauty is.


20.The Encounter

He is the Alpha and the Omega - blessed are the ones who believe in Him! 'The Encounter' is a series in which Jesus appears in the modern world, in order to save people from sin. Will they recognise and follow Him? Starring Bruce Marchiano, this Christian series is guaranteed to keep you glued to your screen.


21.New Hope

Spinoff series of 'When Calls the Heart' centering on the lives of orphan siblings Lillian and Grace, who grow up apart but reunite later in adulthood in the early 1900s.

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