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Overwhelming films with beautiful images or beautiful stories, often a combination of the two! The impressive films must, as you already hear from the tag, leave an impression. The impressive movies on New Faith Network are always checked and filtered by the editors so that it is Christian friendly. So you can enjoy carefree.
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Popular impressive films


1.Accidentally Engaged


When Clarissa, a failed actress, goes back to her hometown to attend a wedding, she tells her friends that she's dating the famous Chas Hunter as she's trying to impress them. But when her lies make it to the press, Chas shows up in an attempt to escape bad press. They make a deal: He comes with her to the wedding to keep the facade up, and she pretends that they are engaged, so that he can cover up who he's really dating. This means spending a lot of time together. Will it stay a game, or will true love blossom?


2.Come Follow Me


From the producers of "The Road to Emmaus", this film tells the story of Jesus and his disciples. In particular, you'll find out most about Jesus' relationship with Peter. From the first momen they were called by Jesus - "Come, follow me" - until their conversations after His resurrection where he's telling them to "feed my sheep". Peter, who was always at the forefront, but meanwhile, just like the other disciples, he did not really understand why Jesus was on earth. You will see Peter transform from a fearful denier into a bold leader of the early church. This film is also a great way to introduce the Gospel to friends and family.


3.Billy Graham: An Extraordinary Journey


This documentary shows the story of Billy Graham as a worldwide public figure - the man, the mission, and the message. He shows his own surprise about making friends all across the world. Watch how Graham grows from a simple farmer's son to a spiritual leader to millions of people. Supported by unique historical images, it shows how Graham is received in many different nations, and the people will tell you about their experiences during and after his meetings. He preached to more people face to face than any other person in history, served as a spiritual leader to many American presidents, was a voice of calm during times of crisis, loved God, preached to Jezus Christ, and served his fellow people. Take a unique look in Graham's life full of faith, discoveries, challenges, tragedies, and crisis.


4.C.S. Lewis On Stage


In this play, prize-winning actor Max McLean tells the story of CS Lewis, the most influential Christian writer of the 20th century. McLean only uses texts that Lewis himself has said or written on stage. In this way, he takes you through the life story of Lewis who was a convinced atheist and ultimately could not ignore the truth of the gospel. McLean plays a particularly convincing role that makes this performance definitely worth watching. Lewis became best known for the seven books he wrote in the Narnia series. Some of these books have even been filmed. In addition, he also wrote more than 20 books including: Letters from Hell, Uncut Christianity and The Space Trilogy.


5.Diamond in the Rough


Michelle, a young teen in Colorado, loses her faith amidst extreme hardships and brief homelessness. With a mother battling drug and alcohol addiction since she was little, and a war veteran father battling extreme PTSD, violence and dysfunction are the norm. It's easy to say that Michelle starts each morning with a disadvantage on life. But her grandmother remains strong in her faith and prays for Michelle everyday. And when she meets a new friend in school, Maki, who knows what it feels like to be homeless, things are starting to look better for Michelle. But will it give Michelle enough strength to get her life back on track?


6.Christmas with a Capital C


Dan Reed, mayor of Trapper Falls, Alaska, always looks foward to the festive season. Each year the community comes together to put up decorations, hold various events and spread the Christmas spirit. But this year the celebrations seem to be at risk: Dan's high school rival, big shot lawyer Mitch Bright, has returned to his hometown. Mitch claims that Christmas should not be celebrated, as religion isn't his cup of tea. He convinces the residents to remove the decorations, while constantly questioning everything that has to do with Christmas. Dan believes that Mitch's stance goes far beyond 'not caring for religion', so he decides to save the Christmas traditions of the town. A festive movie about faith, determination and respect.


7.Augustinus - Een stem voor alle generaties


This documentary tells the conversion story of one of the most important people in church history, and sheds light on his search for answers to decisive questions, amidst many voices. Travel with us to 4th century Rome and Milan and discover how Augustine, a young boy who thinks his mother's religion is foolish and so turns to education and intellect, then starts playing an important role in the Roman Empire, and eventually truly converts to Christianity and becomes "a voice for all generations".

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