Historical films

Movies about history. This can be about 1 or more of the 10 time periods or about certain important historical events.

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Popular Historical films


1.Civil Love


Rachel Taylor becomes a widow after her Union soldier husband gets killed by Confederate soldiers during the Civil War. While Rachel needs to continue without her husband, and as the fighting goes on, she finds a wounded, Confederate soldier in her barn. Despite the soldier being her enemy, Rachel decides to do the Christian thing and starts taking care of the soldier and attends his wounds. All the while he's still being haunted by the marshal. At the same time, Rachel's brother-in-law Jonathan always fancied her and even wants to marry her. So far, Rachel has been reluctant to his proposal. When Rachel starts to develop feelings for her wounded soldier, Jonathan strongly disagrees. When troubles start coming from all sides, Rachel must find the strength to do what's right, to protect her family, and to open her heart again for love.


2.7 Days in the Holy Land


Billy Graham's son Franklin visits The Holy Land, Israel. He does so with his daughter Cissie. Together, they travel around Israel to see the locations of many famous Bible stories. Watch God's Word come alive in this special series, filmed in the Holy Land.


3.Behind the Movement


On December 1st 1955, in Montgomery Alabama, Rosa Parks made history on a public bus by defying the racial segregation laws. Her bravery initiated the Montgomery Bus Boycott organised by Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. The movement brought together a number of everyday individuals who showed extraordinary courage by taking a stand for their civil rights and call for equality. This films tells an inspiring and poignant story, based on historical events, that shows the power of faith, courage and community.


4.Come Follow Me


From the producers of "The Road to Emmaus", this film tells the story of Jesus and his disciples. In particular, you'll find out most about Jesus' relationship with Peter. From the first momen they were called by Jesus - "Come, follow me" - until their conversations after His resurrection where he's telling them to "feed my sheep". Peter, who was always at the forefront, but meanwhile, just like the other disciples, he did not really understand why Jesus was on earth. You will see Peter transform from a fearful denier into a bold leader of the early church. This film is also a great way to introduce the Gospel to friends and family.


5.Come Unto Me


Samuel and Mary are watching John the Baptist with admiration. But when the father of Samuel and Mary owes taxes and the Roman soldiers are asking for little Mary as payment, he sends the children away hoping to protect them. On the run for the Roman soldiers, the two children meet Mary at a well, offering them water. She tells them about her son Jesus, and how his name means 'salvation'. The children will eventually still be bapitzed by John the Baptist, and Jesus tells them they will also meet their father again. Whether it is here on earth, or otherwise in Heaven. Meeting Jesus is something they will remember for the rest of their lives.


6.Amazing Love


Steve, Carrie, Cooper and Gameboy are friends who go on a camping trip organized by their church youth leader Stuart and his wife Beth. They are also joined by Ashley, a self-involved outsider, who is like a fish out of water. All attempts to involve Ashley in the group result in Ashley wanting to be left alone. Ashleys attitude however causes enormous tension within the group. Stuart tries to rescue the situation by sharing the story of the Old Testament prophet Hosea. An amazing example of profound commitment and unconditional love.


7.De Tien van Renesse


The "Tien van Renesse" is a documentary telling the story about ten men, hung by the Germans in December of 1944, after they deliberately make registers disappear and conspire with the enemy. Together with surviving relatives, this documentary takes a look on these atrocities and how it changed their lives forever. It shows how an escape attempt of 17 men from the resistance completely fails, of which only seven get away and the other ten get caught. Town Clerk C. Lazonder has to watch hopelessly as his ten friends are hanged, after which the same faith awaits himself. The Germans leave the bodies hanging for 24 hours in order to scare the people, relatives don't get the chance to say goodbye or even bury the bodies as they're being thrown into mass graves, and their homes are cleared or burned to the ground.


8.Union Bound

Sergeant Joseph Hoover went to war to preserve the Union. After being captured and sent to a prisoner of war camp, he understood what it was to be kept against his will. Together with a friend he escaped and, aided by slaves, made it to freedom.


9.Love Comes Softly


10.Miracle at Sage Creek


11.Wild Faith

This film is set in 1800 in the state of Michigan. War veteran Emmet returns home as a hero. But when his wife dies, he loses contact with his fellow villagers. The main reason is that Emmet decides to keep black Haddie and her daughter in the house. Hade and Emmet falls in love and now even the local pastor is against them. But Emmet continues to believe in a God who does not discriminate. But will the villagers ever accept them?

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