Films where you can learn something from, for example about animals, about buildings or about the history and/or culture of a country, very informative and interesting.
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Popular documentaries


1.Billy Graham: An Extraordinary Journey


This documentary shows the story of Billy Graham as a worldwide public figure - the man, the mission, and the message. He shows his own surprise about making friends all across the world. Watch how Graham grows from a simple farmer's son to a spiritual leader to millions of people. Supported by unique historical images, it shows how Graham is received in many different nations, and the people will tell you about their experiences during and after his meetings. He preached to more people face to face than any other person in history, served as a spiritual leader to many American presidents, was a voice of calm during times of crisis, loved God, preached to Jezus Christ, and served his fellow people. Take a unique look in Graham's life full of faith, discoveries, challenges, tragedies, and crisis.


2.De Franse Slag in Zeeland


This documentary is about the start of the second World War. The film starts in 1939 with the policital jibbering between the Dutch and the French governments about the defense against a possible German attack. The French plan on forming a line against the Germans with Belgium and the Netherlands, but the Dutch government wants to remain neutral like in the first World War. When the German attack the Netherlands after all, the French immediately take action and take position. They do this in Zeeland and Brabant in order to defent the entrance to "The Schelde". The story then zoomes in on the battle for Zuid-Beveland and Walcheren, with emphasis on the French troops. The film also shines light on the civilian side of the French battle. We hear from Tobias van Gent about the history and military strategy, eyewitnesses of the German attack in Zeeland, the French soldier about the goal of the French and about General Deslourens as well as some experts in the field.


3.De Tien van Renesse


The "Tien van Renesse" is a documentary telling the story about ten men, hung by the Germans in December of 1944, after they deliberately make registers disappear and conspire with the enemy. Together with surviving relatives, this documentary takes a look on these atrocities and how it changed their lives forever. It shows how an escape attempt of 17 men from the resistance completely fails, of which only seven get away and the other ten get caught. Town Clerk C. Lazonder has to watch hopelessly as his ten friends are hanged, after which the same faith awaits himself. The Germans leave the bodies hanging for 24 hours in order to scare the people, relatives don't get the chance to say goodbye or even bury the bodies as they're being thrown into mass graves, and their homes are cleared or burned to the ground.


4.Vraag het de Spreker

Ever had questions about faith that you've been afraid to ask? We understand, because we've been there ourselves. In 'Vraag het de spreker' several famous Christian speakers gather up in order to answer our hardest and, often, most awkward questions regarding how to be a good Christian. Difficult but ordinary questions like "how can I raise my children in a proper Christian way?", "can a Christian have tattoos?" & "how can I revive my marriage?" are answered based on Bible passages, but also personal experiences. Don't miss this special programme!


5.The Cowboy Way - Faith, Hope and Love in the Countryside

Loving horses? Craving a powerful Christian reality series? You need to watch 'The Cowboy Way'. In its ten episodes we meet three Christian cattle ranchers from Alabama, and we watch their stories unfold - stories of faith, hope, love, but also stories of heartbreak and despair. How has their faith helped them navigate life, and what would their advice to all of us be?


6.Behind the Sash

Behind the Sash' is a poignant series that explores the concept of injustice in Australia. Each episode is set in a different part of Australia, and addresses a local issue of injustice, while introducing the incredible women who work hard to establish a society where everyone has equal opportunities.

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