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Crime movies, police movies, but also CSI and old detective movies. The exciting crime movies on New Faith Network are checked by our editors. Everything that is not Christian friendly is removed, so you can enjoy carefree.
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Popular crime films


1.Badge of Faith


Protecting and serving are the most important words for police officer Bryan Lawrence. But then his life takes a dramatic turn when, trying to arrest two fugitives, he gets kicked in his face and becomes paralysed from his neck and down. Throughout his life, Bryan has been committed to society, encouraging children to make something of their lives. He promises his daughter-in-law to walk down the aisle at her wedding since her absent father cannot do it. However, after his injury, Bryan's life changed completely. He now needs a lot of help and the doctors say he will never be able to walk again. But Bryan refuses to give up and wants to keep the promise he made to his daughter-in-law. This is a beautiful Christian film about perseverance, based on the true story.




Timothy (Tim) just found out that his father, who he never met, is Dutch. With only his last name "De Brie" and a few old pictures, he travels to Amsterdam with hopes of finding his father. To make some money to get by, Tim gets into dealing drugs. Then he meets Rajad, an Indian ex-Hindu but now Christian who tries to help Tim by giving him shelter and food. They struggle with language barriers, dangerous situations and a lack of money. Tim has lost all hope of finding his father. Can Rajad help Tim escape the nightmare he ended up in? Courage, optimism, and faith are the important ingredients of this exciting film.


3.Beautifully Broken


The escape of a refugee, the promise of a prisoner, and the painful truth of a teenage daughter are what "Beautiful Broken" is all about. The film tells the story of three different families, all influenced by the gruesome Rwanda genocide. Two very different families from Rwanda and one from Nashville, Tennessee. For many different reasons the families couldn't be more different from one another, but it will soon show that each family encounters difficulties and setbacks. Based on true events.


4.Against a Crooked Sky


When Sam Isaac's sister Charlotte gets captured by primitive Apaches, Sam risks his life to find her and bring her back. Charlotte always thaught Sam that true love means to be willing to sacrifice oneself for another. Something Sam might have to live up to. Together with a drunk goldminer and his dog, he goes on a quest of finding Charlotte, being faced with the ultimate test. A touching story filled with adventures, love and dedication, heriosm and sacrifice.


5.Closer to God: Jessica's Journey


Jessica is a teenager dying from cancer and all she wants to do is live her life before she dies. But her loving mother, Rose, is overprotective and is finding it more than hard to let go. Then Rose's father, Jessica's grandfather, who was sentenced to jail when she was still a kid, suddenly comes back in their lifes asking for forgiveness. He wants to be a part of Rose's and his grandchildren's lives, but Rose is not so easy to forgive. He, however, quickly develops a close relationship with Jessica when he helps her "live" and for instance teaches her how to drive. Because of this growing relationship between grandfather and granddaughter, Rose learns to be more forgiving as well. And when Jessica's biggest wish is to attend prom, Rose will do anything to make that possible.


6.Bookworm and The Beast

Izzy is ready to make a difference in the world as she starts her career in public relations. When Grant Beiste - a famous big-headed corporate celebrity in town - tries to buy her father's farm, Izzy decides to capture Grant's blackmail and expose him. While Grant tries to get away from her, he can't brake on time and hits her father with his car, sending him to the hospital with severe internal bleedings. Grant tries to make a deal with Izzy: if she deletes her footage of him, he will stop his attempts to take over the farm. Izzy agrees, and while she fights to save both her father and Grant's public image, she falls in love and learns not to judge a book by it's cover.

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