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The last two years have not been tough for Richard and Rachel. After a terrible tragedy, Rachel went into a state of depression that put a lot of strain on their marriage. After months of mood swings and tears, Rachel finally found comfort in the church and in Christ. She became committed to the Lord and is working her way back to happiness. But the strain of Rachel's depression was tough on Richard, as well. At the beginning he tried to be the good husband and help her through, but he got to the point where his own frustration with not being able to help his wife had driven a wedge between them. He doesn't understand the comfort that she is getting from her Faith, when she was unable to get comfort from him. He has secrets that he has been keeping from Rachel, and a profoundly jealousy of her relationship with God. In a last desperate effort to save their marriage, they book a trip to a remote retreat in the mountains. However, their plans go awry when the small plane they are traveling on has a malfunction and crashes deep in the remote woods. When their pilot dies on impact, they are left injured and alone. Richard and Rachel must try to survive their plight, while at the same time coming to terms with the issues that they face with on another. Rachel's Faith has her in a place where she is finding comfort in God, despite their situation, but Richard can't see that. Can they save their marriage, while also saving their lives?

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Me and my family really loved this film its a great story and thought provoking!


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