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The Case for Christ

Journalist Lee Strobel is exactly where he aspires to be: at the top. He wins plenty of awards with his investigative journalism and on top of that he is also offered a promotion as a court reporter for the prestigious Chicago Tribune. But while is work is going smoothly, things at home have seen better times. Lee's wife, Leslie, turns to God and this goes against everything Lee ever believed in, or didn't believe in, as a convinced atheist. Because with his experience as court reporter he is always looking for facts, and so now he starts on a new search for the truth that Christianity claims to possess. He questions thirteen top-scientists and wants to find out what there really is to know about Jesus. Now working on the biggest story of his career, he is confronted with some unexpected results that will completely turn his life upside down. Everything he ever saw as the truth, no longer stands.
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L. Scott Caldwell, Erika Christensen, Faye Dunaway, Mike Vogel, Robert Forster, Frankie Faison, Brett Rice
Jon Gunn
Release date
113 min
Verenigde Staten
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Dit is echt de beste christelijke film die ik ooit heb gezien!

The Case for Christ

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