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Steps of Faith

Faith Houston is an accountant int he big city, and not necessarily a devout Christian. But then she is absolutely sure she hears God's voice one day. This makes her decide to leave the big city and her job behind her and move to a little village to work on a Hippotherapy farm helping children. Her family is shocked because of her decision and even mocks her for not having any experience with either animals or children. Despite her family, Faith decides to follow her heart and take on the adventure. She needs to face one challenge after the other, but is very determined to prove everyone wrong and give it her best to make this succeed. A beautiful Christian film about perseverence and finding God's plan in life.
Movie details
Chrystee Pharris, Ted Lange, Sharice Henry Chasi, Tracey Ross, Irma P. Hall, Christian Heep, Gail Cronauer, Charles Malik Whitfield, Amy Weber
M. Legend Brown
Release date
96 min
Verenigde Staten
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Finally a faith-based rom-com that works for the whole family.

Steps of Faith

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