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Pieces of Easter


Alza Reese Bennett (Christina Karis) is a young ambitious woman who travels across America to be with her family on time for Easter. Along the way, Alza ends up stranded with the retired farmer Lincoln (Jefferson Moore) whose main purpose in life is to be left alone. Alza is at a loss while in the process of completing an important deal for her firm, thankfully Lincoln comes to the rescue. He and his vintage Chevy pickup will take her to her family for $ 1000; the only condition is no major highways. The unlikely pair go on a road trip, that is not without problems. Alza is spoiled and arrogant, Lincoln is just grumpy as usual; a bad combination. They encounter strange, crazy, weird places, but in the end they come closer together.

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Gods spirit burns with desire to warm our hearts.

Pieces of Easter

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