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On Wings of Eagles


On Wings of Eagles' tells the amazing story of 1924 Olympic gold medalist Eric Liddell. A Scottish man who felt God's calling to become a missionary and teach in China.

After the Olympics, Liddell made the journey back to China to teach, despite the raging war and brutality of the Japanese soldiers. Liddell had to undergo atrocities at the hands of the soldiers, and also had to witness others get the same treatment.

His big win in the Olympics stands in stark contrast to what happened to him during World War II.

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Movie details
Drama, War, True Story
Elizabeth Arends, Augusta Xu-Holland, Simon Twu, Bruce Locke, Jesse Kove, Joseph Fiennes, Richard Sanderson
Michael Parker, Stephen Shin
Release date
96 min
Verenigde Staten
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Without craftmanship inspiration is nothing.

On Wings of Eagles

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