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Lost Outlaw


Back in the old west gold rush era, there is a small mining camp along the river that is being mined by the Chinese but they are run off by a small group of greedy white miners. There is also a group of outlaw brothers, the Red Jack Gang, that are running from the law after robbing trains and banks. They hear about the miners finding gold and end up taking over the mining camp, using it as a place to hide and force a few of the remaining miners to work for them. Close by lives a woman called Kate and her two daughters - Sarah and Sadie on a big piece of land next to a river where gold was found. These three Christian woman can often be found in church. When one of the outlaws, Lucas, meets Sarah they form a friendship. She even takes Lucas to church. And because of Sarah, Lucas starts to regret his shady past and rethink his actions. Meanwhile, two other outlaws are planning to take over the land of mom Kate and her two daughters and they come up with a plan to do so. It becomes clear that Sarah and Lucas are starting to have feelings for one another, and Lucas is touched by all he's learning about God and the Bible. But will he be able to really change and be able to help Kate and her daughters and protect them from the outlaws?

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Family friendly movie with a theme of wrong and redemption.

Lost Outlaw

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