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Little Boy


Pepper is an eight-year-old boy who is very close to his father. Pepper and his father call each other 'Partner' and their motto is: do you believe you can do this? But then Pepper's dad is, much tot he sorrow of the whole family, being deployed in the Word War II. In absence of his father, Pepper listens to a sermon about "faith the size of a mustard seed" and what that faith can do. Afterwards he talks with the pastor who tells him about some good deeds he can do to strenghten his faith, like visiting sick people or even prisoners. He decides to do the latter and hears about a prisoners aim for a Japanese guy called 'Mashi Moto'. But Pepper also visits him and they even become friends. But then, they get news they don't want: Pepper's dad is missing in action. Pepper refuses to give up hope and visits the ocean each day to pray for his return.

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An excellent family film.

Little Boy

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