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James Davies doesn't really love his life right now. He's stuck in a go-nowhere job and a meaningless relationship. But his life truly spirals down when during a fight with his girlfriend, a firearm accidentaly goes off and hits her. In complete panic, he runs away. When the police almost got him, he runs into a church, where pastor Taylor and his two daughters, Elizabeth and Naomi, are unsuspectingly cleaning up after a sermon. In a blur of bad actions, James also decides to take them hostage while he's trying to figure a way out of this mess. He things he found one by looking at the gun still in his hand. Elizabeth immediately knows what he's planning and tries to stop him at whatever cost, and with everything she has within reach: the Bible, her testimony, and the word of God. Will it be enough?

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A refreshing film on the truth with a message people need to hear.


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