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Finding love in Big Sky, Montana


Country girl Paisley lost her parents at a young age, leaving her with her aunt and uncle. Summer though, she spent with her grandfather at his ranch. When he dies, he leaves her the ranch, and Paisley decides to rebuild it into a retreat center where emotionally damaged children can come to heal with therapy and the rural landscape. But when the bank denies her request for a loan, she needs to change her course. Meanwhile, her ex-boyfriend works in a marketing company and also gets some bad news when a competitors steals his big time campaign. He needs to lay low while they find the leak and decides this is a good time for a vacation. While he's on his way to visit family, his car breaks down and he's stranded at a café where he runs into Paisley. He needs a place to stay tonight until his car gets fixed so he goes with her to the ranch. Upon hearing her ideas, he decides to help with a marketing plan. But when he's being called back to the office, he has a tough decision to make that will not only affect his life but also Paisley's dream.

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You will want to rally your entire family for a movie night together with so many good messages throughout.

Finding love in Big Sky, Montana

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