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Fat Chance


An inspiring film about a true story. An aspiring dental assistant, Allison, is overweight and ashamed for her looks. She used to be bullied for the way she looks and started believing she will never be found attractive. Therefore Allision uses the picture of a friend on her online dating profile, and with that she meets the handsome Justin who she falls in love with. But shortly after, she finds out that this online Justin is the same Justin she knows from camp where she works. Should Allison tell the truth? When a conversation about this topic between Allison and a friend is overheard by Justin's friend, he beats her to it and tells Justin before Allison gets the chance. Will Justin be able to forgive her and take her for the sweet person she truly is, or did he loose all confidence and trust now?

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Movie details
Romance, True Story
Victoria Jackson, Judah Duncan, Sarah LeJeune, Wesley Elder, Amaris Kirby, Lauren Jaski
Micah Caronna
Release date
76 min
Verenigde Staten
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Faith is incorporated in a subtle beautiful way in this instructive film.

Fat Chance

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