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An exclusive selection of Christian films and series for children

Let your kids watch something while learning important Christian values. By having your kids interact at an early age they will learn valuable lessons about Faith which they will carry with them all their lives.
At New Faith Network, children can watch films and series they love - including Christian values approved by (grand)parents. That way, they learn about the Bible in a playful way with series like Ryan Defrates and Jesus Wonder. All of our films and series are sorted by age category so that your (grand)children can make fun and safe choices at any time.
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Safe content

All content is screened by our editors before it becomes available. That way, you and your (grand)children can enjoy safe, Christian content at all times

Perfect for children

Even the littlest ones. Our wide selection of content for kids is meant to convey the Christian message in an uplifting way

Where and whenever you want

In front of the TV at granny's, on a tablet in the car, or mom's or dad's phone. With our app you have access to our unique Christian collection at all times, anywhere you want

A safe alternative to YouTube

Never want to worry again about the videos your (grand)children are watching online? At New Faith Network, each film and series is being checked by our editors so that you as a (grand)parent don't have to worry anymore about them watching something unsafe or violent. That way, you can simply let your kids watch something without the worries, inappropriate language or advertisements.

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