Marriage films

Films in which a couple is getting married and the wedding is central.
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Popular marriage films

1.Bridal Wave


Georgie is engaged to Dr. Phillip, a well-renowed plastic surgeon. Georgie's mother planned her entire wedding: from the dress, to the resort, to the activities. When Georgie is traveling with her parents to their wedding location, she meets the handsome Luke. While she keeps running into him, she find out they actually have a lot in common. Much more than she does with Phillip, causing her to start doubting her decision of marriage. Will Georgie continue with the wedding and marry Phillip, who can offer her the stability and finances? Or will she follow her heart and choose the man who truly understands her?

2.Anything for Love


Katherine is a successful real estate agent with a boring life. She decides to create a profile on a dating website, but hides her career. Nurse Jack also wants to be happy in love, but finds that he can't compete with all de real doctors out there, so he changes his profession on his profile into doctor to get a higher chance at success. When Katherine and Jack match, they slowly start to get to know one another. But are they getting to know the real Katherine and Jack? And for how long are they able to hide their true identities?

3.Courting Mom & Dad


After a long marriage, Brent and Sarah have grown apart and already live seperately for a year. Their children, Andrew, Izzy and Ruby, are afraid this will end in a divorce now that they have to appear in divorce court. When they talk to their uncle Paul about it, he suggests they use a familyfriend who is also a lawyer to help them out. This lawyer, Donovan Marshall, is known from tv-commercials and agrees to help the children, hoping it would be a good media stunt to help his failing practice. He manages to postpone the hearing, but will it be enough time to light the spark again between the two parents?

4.The Wedding Arrangement

When botanist Violet needs help preparing flower arrangements for a wedding, she calls upon Jack, a nature photographer. Can they ensure the wedding is a success, and find love in the process?

5.The Woodcarver

Matthew Stevenson has trouble accepting his parent's divorce and vents his anger by vandalizing a church. An old and godly widower takes Matthew under his wing to repair the damage, and helps him find faith.

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