Snow films

Movies in the winter, around Christmas, cozy up by the fire with a snowstorm outside the door and enjoy the best movies on New Faith Network!
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Popular snow films


1.Christmas Oranges


This is a Christian Christmas film that everyone should watch. Nine-year-old Rose was abandoned at birth and grew up, happily, in the cozy orphanage Greenwoods. Due to a major tragedy, she is transferred just before Christmas to a much less pleasant orphanage. The strict headmaster, Mr. Crampton, ensures that any child who breaks the rules will be punished. The headmaster is extra strict on Rose. Every Christmas the brother of the headmaster gives the children an orange as a Christmas gift. On Christmas morning, when all of the children eagerly await their juicy, sweet present, Crompton punishes Rose again and it seems like she will not receive her Christmas gift. But... Christmas is a time of miracles.


2.Baby in a Manger


During the Christmas program at the church, things go awry when the power goes down. As soon as the lights come back on, it becomes clear that the baby in the manger isn't a doll but a real baby. Allision from Child Protective Services starts her investigation in finding out who the real mother is and why she's giving her baby away. Does she not want the child? Or does she want the child to have a life that she can't offer? But at the same time, police officer Brock also feels the obligation to get to the truth. And so there's a constant bickering between the two. But in their search for the truth, it seems they are also developing feelings for one another as they get to know each other. Will the magic of Christmas help them discover the truth and find a home for this baby?


3.Christmas Dress


It's Christmas Eve and Leland Jeppson's hope is gone. Having trouble to get by this winter in his rustic homestead, he at least hoped to give his family an unforgettable Christmas. But with a snowstorm blazing and the train carrying their Christmas presents nowhere to be seen, it seems that Christmas is just going to be another thing they have to live without this year. But when dusk falls, they learn that their presents were mysteriously delivered to a post office in a not-so nearby town. Who is brave enough to brave the storm and deliver the presents to the Jeppsons? Local but half-blinded postman George feels it's his duty and so he takes his son Sidney in an attempt to deliver a Christmas miracle for the Jeppsons. Inspired by a true story.


4.Christmas for a Dollar


Inspired by a true story, the Kamp family finds out what's the true meaning of Christmas. Struggling to come by, especially since mother's untimely death, the five children are all trying to chip in in their own way to help their father out. However, in their current situation and the lack of finances, they fear that there won't be any Christmas presents this year. Until their dad manages to get one whole dollar together and everything changes. As each child finds creative ways to get Christmas presents for other family members, they soon realize that material possessions and money don't matter as much as having fun and love. Something they find out Christmas is truly about.


5.Christmas Wander


Amelia (Amy) is a bitter, angry, rock-n-roll type bar owner, whose bar is in big financial troubles. Life gets even harder for her when she receives a phone call from her father's retirement home. Her father, who has been absent from her life for over 15 years and is also an ex-con, has Alzheimers and will be removed from his home. At first, Amy doesn't want anything to do with him, but then she finds out he's hidden a large sum of money he once stole in a remote cabin. Desperate to save her bar, she busts her father out of the home and takes him on a trip to find the missing money. What she doesn't realize yet, is that this trip will bond her to her father and stir up her own need for faith, forgiveness, and honesty.


6.Christmas Angel


Olivia Mead has one big wish for her mother Melinda, and that is for her to find a new husband that she is also proud to call 'dad'. Olivia and her mom live next to a dilapidated house that seems abandoned, and when Olivia notices time on time again that people's wishes done before the house are coming true, she decides to take her shot. She wishes for her mom to find her new man. It doesn't take long before a handsome doctor walks into her mother's life. Meanwhile, Olivia also discovers that the house isn't actually abandoned but that an old lady called Elsie lives there. They develop a friendship as Elsie teaches the little girl to put her faith in God. Can Elsie be the christmas angel that makes all the wishes come true?


7.Banking on Christmas


Even though Jack would rather cook, he's now running an old car garage while taking care of his old and grumpy father. The garage has been a family legacy and he feels that it's his duty to uphold it. But when he enters the bank on December 23rd to ask for a loan for his garage, he gets locked up in the bank's vault with Rosalind, a loan officer at the bank. Rosalind also dreams of doing something else with her life: being a stand-up comedian. They are stuck together in the vault for a few days and have to put all their christmas plans aside while only having each other to pull through untill the rescue. After their liberation from the vault, love, romance, and new chances are waiting for them both.


8.Chocolate Covered Christmas


Sadie grew up in the chocolate shop of her parents. Ever since she was a little girl she dreamed about taking over the shop one day. Now Sadie is a twenty-something-year-old who has a successful career in advertising. When her boyfriend cancels their holiday plans she decides to go back to her hometown. There she sadly discovers that her parents sold their store to Alex, a young man that doesn't know anything about chocolate. Reluctantly, Sadie agrees on teaching the new owner everything she knows about chocolate. But when she meets the handsome new owner, that task doesn't seem as bad anymore. But can Sadie and Alex keep things sweet when things take a bitter turn?


9.Christmas with a Capital C


Dan Reed, mayor of Trapper Falls, Alaska, always looks foward to the festive season. Each year the community comes together to put up decorations, hold various events and spread the Christmas spirit. But this year the celebrations seem to be at risk: Dan's high school rival, big shot lawyer Mitch Bright, has returned to his hometown. Mitch claims that Christmas should not be celebrated, as religion isn't his cup of tea. He convinces the residents to remove the decorations, while constantly questioning everything that has to do with Christmas. Dan believes that Mitch's stance goes far beyond 'not caring for religion', so he decides to save the Christmas traditions of the town. A festive movie about faith, determination and respect.


10.Christmas at Maple Creek


Diana is a romance novelist and a true romantic herself. When she finds out the little charming town Maple Creek is having trouble, she decides to help out. She organizes a Christmas ball in theme of the pioneers of the past. Here she meets Carter, blackmsith and town historian, and sparks start flying. But when her secret crush comes to visit, Diana needs to decide where her heart truly lies.


11.Christmas in Carolina


After losing her parents in a car accident the year before, driven financial banker Elle doesn't look forward to Christmas. And when her only sister is unconveniently living in the UK and her cousing decides to travel for Christmas, Elle plans to dive into work to get her through the holidays. But when her cousin Blythe sets up a blind-date for her, and doesn't take no for an answer, Elle meets Wesley, old NBA-player and now CEO of a marketing firm. Seeing him a few times, she carefully admits feelings are starting to develop. And when he invites her to spend Christmas with his family in South Carolina, they fall hopelessly in love, and Elle gets back all hope for Christmas.

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